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Book Review: An Era of Darkness by Dr Shashi Tharoor

An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India, is a fantastic new book by Dr Shashi Tharoor that outlines the destructive presence of the British in India from the 17th Century until India gained her independence in 1947. It has long been understood that England had brought infrastructure, social reform, democracy and the rule of law to a continent, which in their opinion, was otherwise ravaged by wars, disease, civil distress and famine.

Prior to the publication of this book, Dr Tharoor had provide a fantastic and at times humorous account at the Oxford Union Debate of just how malevolent the British presence was in India upon which, this particular segment went viral over the internet. Subsequent to the debate, Dr Tharoor was inspired to write a detailed account of British rule in India, premised on the fact that many of the current generation of Indians were genuinely unaware Britain’s past atrocities.

Dr Tharoor has successfully provided a clear cut and concise overview on the humble beginnings of the East Indian Company and how through deceit, treachery, bribery and corruption, were able to establish a reign of terror over the regions of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. The first chapter sets out to provide the reader with an overview of how the wealth was drained from these regions followed by the deindustrialisation and destruction of the ship building, steel and textile industries. Subsequent chapters aim to discuss and effectively refute the notions that British established political unity, democracy and the free press.

In addition, much information is provided on the concept of divide and rule that precipitated into dissention between people of different so called castes, religions and race which continue to haunt the Indian subcontinent to this day. For those seeking to gain a true perspective on the real history of British rule in India will certainly not be disappointed. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover and highly recommend it to those seeking to gain a true perspective on the presence of the British in India and for Indians and people of Indian origin to develop a sense of self respect.

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British Hindu – We Need To Expose Churchill’s Hidden Hindu Holocaust

JFH is dedicated to dismantling and exposing all forms of anti-Hinduism, we will not allow ourselves to become myopic and fixated on only the immediate need to defeat Islamism. There is no excuse to allow one foe to blind you to another.  Mohini Sarin is a JFH member and a British Hindu.  In the below essay she exposes the supposed hero “Winston Churchill” for his racist and anti-Hindu complicity in the 1943 Bengali famine which starved to death more than 7 million South Asians who were at that time captive under the British Empire’s colonialism.


Mohini Sarin, JFH Member, British Hindu now living in the USA

The Hidden Holocaust: Churchill’s complicity in the Bengal Famine 1942 -45


As a spokesperson for Justice for Hindus, I primarily wish to summarize,outline and delineate three main objectives,namely to identify, debunk and expose the deeply institutionalized and revisionist colonial history that sadly still persists in the mainstream Indian and global psyche . It is at once a dangerous and regressive trend against the background of agitating for social and human rights justice for Hindus ,if episodes,events and figures in history which were highly contributory and multi factorial in the magnitude of injustice against Hindus are not located,isolated and exposed with urgency and immediacy. To broadly paraphrase ‘  An unexamined past and history is bound to repeat itself’.


Terrible events and traumatic episodes in our history have to be revisited  and  re-valuated in the scope of more legitimate and real versions of our vernacular history rather than meekly borrowed and predicated on foreign and inimical  colonial sources who seek to subvert Indian pride and nationhood. This must be accomplished  for the sake of posterity and the  veritable self worth of future generations and present generations of clueless ,guileless Indians heavily misinformed and ignorant of massive waves of inequity in their own history. It is not only problematic that Indians are heavily misinformed but they as a collective whole do not sufficiently or effectively agitate nor  put up much resistance to the heavily repressive and  oppressive colonial  revisionist history that is institutionalized and taught to millions of unsuspecting people with no or little critical judgment of examination. If we do no justice to rectify past  injustices what to say of the present or future developments.

The Hungry

Of the many inequities visited upon us which has been largely ignored,denied and covered up is the fact of the British man made Bengal famine which took place between 1943 and 1945 and  needlessly took the lives of seven to eight million Indian lives. One may inquire how a travesty of this magnitude could be so obscured by Indian and international academics and the global community at large. The answers will all be revealed during the course of explanation. Let us first describe the backdrop of this historical malaise .During the referenced time period Sir Winston Spencer Churchill British Wartime Prime Minister ,endlessly and ceaselessly lionized and eulogized by the West and international community callously diverted supplies of medical aid and food that was being dispatched to the starving Indian victims to the already well equipped and well supplied  British soldiers of Europe. And all around the world. When entreated upon to dispatch aid he merely rebuffed churlishly  that it was a pointless and futile exercise as“ Famine or no famine,Indians will breed like rabbits’.


Churchill’s virulent and implacable racism was further engendered by his rage and increasingly darkened mood at the Quit India Movement of 1942 which he viewed as treacherous  and a slap in the face to the British Empire. When the local Delhi government sent him a telegram advising him of the horrible devastation wreaked on huge numbers of dying Indians he curtly,sarcastically and heartlessly responded “ Then why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?’ Of course there are battalions of Churchill defenders  and apologists who seek to reduce ,obviate and even go as far as to deny ,omit and lie and conceal in respect to the extent of Churchill’s complicity,duplicity and criminality in the man made famine that took the lives of seven to eight million Indian victims including Bengalis and people in the native states such as Bihar, Orissa and Assam. The battalions of Churchill defenders who are complicit and orchestrated by extraordinary lying by omission and commission include a vast array of Western media,journalists,writers,academics and politicians in relations to such atrocities against Indians in particular and against non-European humanity in general. Although Churchill’s Anglo-American and Zionist defenders and their spineless and shameless Indian lackeys and toadies like to diffuse and even outright negate the  full liability of the British Government  for the devastating consequences of their actions and inactions reducing the fact of  their lack of action to merely being misinformed the fact of the matter is that America and Canada both offered to send food supplies to the famine victims and British colonial authorities under Churchill’s authority resolutely refused .America and Canada could have conceivably ignored Churchill’s  cruel and  callous obstinacy and obduracy but complied with his destructive directive not to intercede out of a misplaced loyalty and respect to negatively  defer to their unethical and immoral wartime ally. The fact of the matter is that Sir Leopold Amery the then secretary of State for India and who is characterized as more sympathetic to Indians and  perceiving Churchill as anti- Indian ,himself had adopted a lofty Malthusian view of the famine crisis as good and healthy for Indian population reduction and it was the best strategy was simply to do nothing. Defenders and apologist of Empire also try and emphasize and justify Leo Amery’s change of heart at the intensity of the growing famine crisis by his  urging the British cabinet to take ‘ drastic action’.The hard sorry fact of the matter is that Amery only advocated sending a quarter of what was urgently needed and this was when the famine crisis was waning and most millions had already perished. Even this vain gesture that it was ,was resolutely opposed by Churchill who vociferously repeated his total opposition to any food shipments ,opining that ships were desperately needed for landing in Italy. In the meanwhile  allied Australian steam ships laden with wheat and other wheat supplies sailed right by India to deliver to  fighting fit British troops in the Mediterranean and Balkans  as streams  of dead corpses piled up on the streets of Calcutta. Churchill was even at that critical juncture looking for India to supply more help to the British war effort and were hoarding grain for use even after the war at this time. Obviously Indian life was subhuman and held no value or worth for the British at all. In 1942 when japan seized Burma an exporter of rice ,the British bought up massive amounts of rice but hoarded it. They also set fire to boats and land in a scorched earth policy under the convenient pretext that they wanted to destroy any food or supplies in the event of full scale Japanese occupation of India. However,the British scorched earth policy was  highly selective and calculated and certainly not applied until they had stockpiled their enormous resources .Late .Zionist British historian Sir Martin Gilbert claims that the Japanese were solely and largely responsible for the Bengal famine and claim that the argument against Churchill collapses in this respect as RAF planes had to be used to stop dead in its tracks a full scale invasion by the Japanese and more ‘pressing’ war time priorities and justifies the abject and abysmal neglect of the Indian famine victims in a very specious,shallow and false argument that more than three million Indian lives would have been lost had the war effort not been redirected. To counter the Japanese How is it that Lord Waverly the British viceroy under Churchill managed to divert the military to provide food and relief to some famine victims although it was too little and too late in the day. Churchill’s genocidal intent and sustained remorseless actions and inactions can be captured and surmised in his endearing statement and sentiment.

‘ I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion”.

On the ensuing bloody dismemberment and illegal coerced and unauthorized trifurcation of the Hindu homeland and ensuing death of more that  4 million Indians in the violent sectarian conflict that ensued ,Churchill merely quipped remorselessly and indeed ,even gleefully “ Partition is our parting gift”.

In conclusion it is incumbent on our collective social and moral conscience to uphold truth and accuracy in our history  and assure  that the present unacceptable perversion and distortion of episodes ,events and personalities in history  are swiftly identified , expunged and corrected so that the balance of power and authority is not seized as currently by a wreckless and inveterate phalanx of liars,deceivers and charlatans with an extraordinary avarice for power for self serving and self aggrandizing power which has had a devastating impact on the masses of humanity historically and presently in every sphere of political,economic ,social and global concern. The truth be told and let us all gathered concurrently,pledge our duty to return the mantle of power for a righteous and deserving humanity. A nation and a people without self respect  and national pride get no self respect. In June, 1997 then British Prime Minister Tony Blair officially apologized for England’s responsibility in the Irish Potato Famine which took the lives of at least one million peasant Irish. However no such apology has been forthcoming from PM Cameron on his visit to India neither for the  wartime Bengal Famine or the peacetime British man made famines which collectively took the lives of between 1.5 and 1.8he  billion Indians over the course of two centuries. A holocaust far in excess of the European holocausts. The word holocaust only seems to be primarily attributed to the world renown Jewish holocaust and denied mostly denied to other non European holocausts of a far more intense scale and magnitude.

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