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Reinforcing and Fortifying Caribbean Hinduism

 While the entire world may see India as the cradle of Hinduism and a good share of what publicizes itself as Hinduism comes from whatever the media says about India, we in the Caribbean/West Indies especially Guyana, Trinidad and Suriname have forged our own direction for Hinduism. Our ancestors came from India, but every action taken by India Hindus no longer pertains to us. Yes it is true some traditions, ideas and off course the roots of the religion itself remains with us, but we have created our own path. To say we take all our cues from India is to underestimate the achievements and the progress the Indo-Caribbean diaspora has made in the past two centuries. There are many cultures, countries and their diaspora in the West who differ completely from their mother culture in the East. Can we say that Muslims in the West Indies are an exact replica of the ones in the Middle East?

      To say that the receding issues of the caste system, dowry and other social problems that had once crept into India ever pertained to us in the Caribbean is a joke at best. When was the last time people asked for a huge dowry to marry their sons and daughters in the Caribbean? When was the last time parents refused a marriage taking place over caste problems? Do any of us even know which caste we belong too? There are over 3000 so-called “castes” in India most of us are only aware of the Brahmins and it is a common joke in the temples/mandirs whether a pundit is a Brahmin or that you are a Brahmin because you’re a Maharaj. The idea that all of India’s fading social problems exist within our Caribbean Hindu society or that it is the norm is one being propagated by some of our Hindu “intellectuals”. Perhaps they can tell us when was the last time they attended a child marriage in Trinidad or Guyana. These things are not the norm!

      Now we do have other problems that can be addressed, however, other than that, to spread the idea that child abuse, rape and incest pertains to the Indian race in the West Indies is to misinform the entire world about who we are. These things again are not the norm. There is child marriage in America, is this the norm? There is incest in America, is this the norm? Now marrying your cousin in some countries, that is the norm, but not for us. Hindus would consider that disgusting. If one is referring to reforming how Hinduism is taught in the West Indies in general, yes it should be done, but it has to be about reforms that are relevant to us and our social issues. We cannot correct our problems by using a sensationalized version of India’s data sheet.

     I do believe Hindus do not have a proper education in Hinduism. Not only do they not understand the Shastras, they do not have a sound education in our history and our social issues. Hindu children are not properly educated form young on the basics, at least, the principles, core beliefs, rituals, scriptures and their meaning. I believe deep inside of every Hindu they may “understand” on some subconscious level what their ancestors conveyed to them, they may understand the liberal, all-encompassing and non-exclusive nature of Hinduism, but if they are not able to articulate these ideas properly missionaries, politics and other tactics will leave us in shambles eventually.

    Since other religions practically have a two thousand year head start on us and we need to catch up and we need to do it fast. This means we have to stretch our hands and resources far and wide, and we must do them all at once. Simply educating Hindus is not going to work. We need our voices and our issues to be heard. We need to come together and hold many conferences. We need to challenge missionary work and the right of Hinduism to exist. Hindus are like a school of fish, even if we are educated we can maneuver and swim in the other direction, but if we don’t learn to stand and defend our position sooner or later another net will be cast and it is we who will suffer. When the historic Temple by the Sea was vandalized in Trinidad did we come out in numbers to protest? No. When Dr. Ravi Maharaj, a Hindu, was murdered in Trinidad and his killers plainly mentioned they did it because he was an “Idol Worshipper” and it was their duty to do so, did anyone make the slightest reaction? No. But every Hindu on Facebook had something to condemn Sat Maharaj on his recent comments about letting Hindus work their own issues without outside intervention. Therefore the world continues to see us as easy prey and cowards! This is what I mean by politicizing Hinduism. We need to be loud or any struggle for change will be a farce. However, Hindus feel that by raising their voices they will be called racists and bigots. Yes, Hindus are afraid of any type of confrontation. We think that by keeping quiet we will be left alone, but we are wrong. This is the easiest way to go, silently! Others say Hinduism is all-encompassing and within it “politics is already subsumed” However, so is knowledge itself, but do Hindus display it? No. Just because something is assumed to be there does not mean it is being practiced. The Dhanurveda is our Veda based on the art of war and politics, how many of us have read it or are aware of it? Astrophysics exists, are we all aware of its basic principles? Their logic does not hold.

      Hindus are afraid, we have been taught to be afraid and we are continuously being preached to about peace and understanding. This “peace” is always at the expense of Hindus. Why is it Hindus cannot speak up when we were denied a TV station in Trinidad? I will say it loud and plain, this is racism towards Indians and Hindus since Hinduism is seen as the ultimate “Indianism.” Today Muslims have more rights than anyone else in the West because of their continuous involvement in politics. Where are the Hindu politicians of America? Are they meditating about the politics subsumed in Hinduism? How Hindus appear to the world and the fate of this religion will depend on their political development whether in the West Indies or India. Case in point, as Hindus and Indians gained political power in Trinidad suddenly Hindu schools began to spring up in masses from mud huts to concrete buildings. Hindu issues are a product of their lack of political progress and strong mentality to control their own destiny. We are always depending on others or waiting for someone to give us the thumbs up. Muslims, Christians and converted Hindus are more likely to proudly speak on behalf of their religion than Hindus. That comes from fear of being victimized as a Hindu.

     Trying to eradicate Hindu social issues is not the only problem. Many of these problems do not even stem from Hinduism itself, but from Western and Islamic colonial subjugation and deliberate manipulation of the Hindu systems in order to wipe out the religion. According to Thomas Babington Macaulay, he wanted to make Hindus feel their religion was inferior and they did this by giving them a British education, filled with false histories and commentary about Hinduism from its inception to its heroes, all fabricated in a way so they will become, “a truly dominated nation,” as he clearly stated to British Parliament. Hinduism is not wiped out yet, but the other sides have succeeded many times over. Even the educated Hindu who wants to reform Hinduism thinks that caste, dowry and child marriage are products of Hinduism. Our original system called varna was manipulated to mimic the backward peasant-surf system of the Europeans. Where was the child marriage before Hinduism was adulterated? Hinduism speaks of Rama going into the forest for his period of education and recommends marriage after 25 years of age. Child marriage came into the equation when desperate Hindus found the only way to save their daughters and keep Hinduism intact was to marry them off young before they were abducted during Islamic rule. Ask the suffering Hindu Pakistanis today, history is repeating itself in front of our eyes. They say they have no choice, but to marry their children young because this means less of a chance they will be abducted and forcefully converted.

    Anyone, even with the best intentions, preaching that caste, child marriage and certain other issues stem from Hinduism is repeating a well-constructed Western version of Hinduism. It is the blame and shame game. These persons are also a product of the Western biased colonial version of Hinduism still being taught in the west and even to Hindus in India. They are charvaka Hindus (foreign-educated) even if they do not know it. The idea that our religion is so damaged and flawed was purposefully put there to shame us when it was willfully manipulated. However, yoga, karma, dharma, Ayurveda, basically all the good things are conveniently not Hindu, but some invading “Aryans”, if such a thing existed, gave it to us. Our pundits repeatedly tell the young congregation these practices belong to the world even if it is Hindu. They are sending our future generations out to battle with no weapons for self-defense when they keep preaching this poison. Apparently nothing except negativity is Hindu which leaves the concept in the Hindu mind, why be Hindu? While I do believe West Indians are generally not so educated in Hinduism in the sense they cannot articulate, give definitions or provide a formal discourse on it, there are many who can. Again, those who are educated need to speak up, they need to come forward and not be afraid. We are looking down the barrel of a gun.

     Before we take up any kind of action to protect and propagate our Dharma we need deep self-introspection into our priorities and our course of action. We need to ask who are our enemies? What do we need to do to bring respect to Dharma and protect the Hindu community? What is the exact course of action? What has worked for others that we can utilize? Fortunately, unlike India we are not weighed down by centuries of maladapted and foreign manipulated social customs. Hinduism does not need any reformation, but Hindus need reformation in their thinking. What Hinduism does need is a little fortifying and reinforcement. I am not limited to simply my writing. My protests, clubs, the organizations I support and my very mannerisms reflect my Indianisms and my commitment to Hinduism.

Satya Sanatan Dharma ki Jai!

Vassan Ramracha.


The Siege On The Hindu Mind Inside Hindu Temples

I recently wrote an article detailing Hinduism under attack in Trinidad due to some outdated law being used to justify the demonization of Hinduism disguised as an attack on a Hindu leader. While this might be an outright political attack there are others creeping slowly and might be more dangerous. The worse attack is one from inside and one you do not see coming. The other day a Hindu Temple hosted a Sai Baba event, it was called a Sai Satsang. Inside the mandir/temple they sang Bhajans and then began to sing Qaseedas which are like Muslim hymns in Trinidad and Tobago. The danger in propagating Sai Baba and even Hare Krishna ideologies in Hindu temples has a neutralizing effect on the Hindu mind. These two groups do not subscribe to the name “Hindu” and many times refused to be called that. They teach all Gods are the same and all religions are one and many things to that effect. It prepares Hindus to be defenseless when it is only Hindus who are being taught to accept other Gods and other ways using what appears to be Hindu methods, Hindu clothes and other Hindu elements to make it seem harmless. I do not have a problem with trying to create peace and harmony and acceptance, in fact, Hinduism teaches this but, it needs to be done in a community or cultural center. Can Hindus sings Bhajans inside mosques and churches? What would happen if Hindus approached a mosque or church to do this? What would happen if even Sai Baba and Hare Krishna approached a mosque or church to conduct an interfaith session and sing praises to Gods they do not worship inside their places of worship? They wouldn’t try, the answer would be no.

Why is it that peace must always be at the expense of Hindus? Hindus are always the ones who have to convert in an interreligious marriage, always the ones who have to compromise in a society, bend over backwards and scratch everybody else’s back. We can show tolerance but, time for it to be reciprocated and it cannot be done inside a Mandir which represents the backbone of our beliefs. When they have reached inside the Mandir premises that signifies domination, being conquered and what will follow? Our sons and daughters have already been taught to accept this as a form of God? It will be easier to discard the Hindu religion when a coercive spouse-to-be puts their foot down and says they are not allowed to worship our Gods so the Hindu must convert if this is ok with them. We are not giving our children and the future of our religion a fighting chance.

Keep in mind it is mostly Hindus who have to convert in an interreligious marriage. It is mostly Hindus who have to compromise bringing up their children as another faith and are always being victimized as Idol Worshippers. It is easier to use Hindu Gods and Goddesses to advertise and Hindu concepts for branding in the West and Hindus barely complain. Hindus have always been easy going but, we always get taken advantage of. However, the day we begin to stand up for ourselves, everything we have done to create peace, at our expense, will quickly be forgotten and we will be left to defend ourselves because the others will have convenient amnesia. We will be called racists and called out for obstructing the peace. Apparently we are the only people on this planet who never experienced being victims of getting conquered, having genocide unleashed upon us, our temples smashed to pieces and our wealth looted. History books have forgotten us, conveniently. Abrahamic religions spread across the earth by conquering, enslaving and converting by tricky means however, they are always the victims, never us.

The Abrahamic religions believe it is their duty to convert “Idol Worshippers” like us, when will Hindus learn there is a line to be drawn when it comes to multiculturalism? When will Hindus learn we cannot expect tolerance and we alone are expected to dish it out? When will Hindus learn Abrahamic religions believe in exclusivity, this means it is their God and no other can be worshipped. Maybe they will learn when it is too late. We always have our hands open and get slapped in the face. If tolerance is so easy to come by Hindu Trinidadians and Guyanese should ask the Hindus in India about the mosques built over the site where Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were born and the refusal of the other community to move their house of worship built over the most sacred sites in Hinduism. Why? Because they conquered and dominated us and why should their hard work be so easily undone just because we asked?


Vassan I. Ramracha.

Hinduism under siege in Trinidad – Hate, Backstabbing and Murder

Recently, in Trinidad a law called the Hindu Marriage Act from the British colonial era (created by the British, not Hindus)  came into question which allows children from the age of 12 years to be married. This would be considered illegal and perverted in today’s society. Firstly, I want to say I am opposed to child marriage and I only condone marriage for those 18 years and older according to our modern laws. This issue was taken up heavily by the Archbishop of Trinidad for the Catholic Church who got involved in the matter, spreading the idea that this is a rampant Hindu problem that needs to be cleansed immediately. The media even showed images of child marriages in India as if it represented the Hindu population in Trinidad. Sat Maharaj, the President of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) came to the defense of the Hindu community clearly stating Hindus do not continue this act today. He also stated he wants Hindus to resolve it with the government and that the Archbishop should stay out of Hindu business. Hindus were quick to throw their own leader under the bus who should have made it clear he was against child marriages but, what these gullible Hindus never stopped to ask is, what are the ulterior motives for this attack on Sat Maharaj? Was it to clean up the law or was it a cleaning up of Hinduism?

The Hindu Marriage Act Was Colonial, Not Hindu 

The attack on Sat Maharaj was a well-disguised attack on Hinduism as has been the case many times not just in Trinidad but, the Hindu community in the West Indies and Guyana as well, and here’s why. This was a colonial law, it was put there by the British who had all the political power at the time and if anyone should be questioned they should probably be calling up the Queen or the British Parliament and asking why they condoned this. This was also the case in an era when life expectancy was low around 30 years max. Most importantly what are the ulterior motives by the Archbishop Harris of the Catholic Church? Does he really share so much concern for the Hindu community? Or is this another way to expose Hinduism as “evil”, after all they have an army of missionaries who convert by demonizing Hinduism. This is the same Archbishop who blamed Trinidad’s first female Hindu Prime Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar for the economic problems of black youths and called Hindus “idol worshippers.” Why shouldn’t we look upon this new attack with suspicion? Child Marriage or not, there were 700 abortions and 270 pregnancies for under 18 youths in Trinidad without Hinduism being involved. While Sat Maharaj is the President of the SDMS which oversees Hindu activities he has no religious title such as swami or pundit. Meanwhile, the Archbishop represents the voice of the Catholic Church, so from which platform is he speaking and on behalf of who? Unlike some sections of Christianity, the Catholic Church is very organized in the sense that nothing is done without permission from the Pope and every sermon around the world is the same every Sunday. We have to ask does the church condone this attack on Hindus? What about the Pope? Maybe we are only scraping the surface of these motives. Gullible Hindus have to envision the scenario, what if this Hindu Marriage Act was abolished? What about modern Hindus, would we have to right to be legally married without any kind of lawful act in place? We may find ourselves soon enough, struggling for equality again and fighting for equality if we are not careful in an environment proven hostile to Hinduism before. Let’s not forget this act was put there because Hindus weren’t allowed to marry legally under colonial rule. I mentioned this in a previous article before and it may come to fruition. They don’t want us to have a TV station far less get legally married.

We Need To Stop Backstabbing 

I am surprised, even, at how quickly Hindus were willing to attack their own leaders. What are they trying to prove? We need to stop this nonsense of proving how un-racist or unbiased we are by using every opportunity to stab our leaders because there will be a day when there is no one to save us. Sat’s family has done countless things for us, his family built the first mud hut schools for Hindus, the SDMS got radio stations, they made sure Phagwa and Indian Arrival Day are celebrated and are always standing up for Hindu rights. Bhadase Sagan Maharaj is the reason why we have Hindu Colleges in Trinidad today teaching Hindi, scriptures and other forms of Sanskriti. How sad it is to see how quickly people on Facebook want him removed without wondering what Sat’s intentions meant. Can we Hindus jump into Christian theology and teach them? Do Hindus get involved every time the Catholic Church has a child molestation scandal?

Why Single Out Hindus? 

Furthermore, there are other marriage acts on the table being called into question as Muslim and Shouter Baptist, so why the relentless attack on Hinduism? This is also Trinidad and Tobago, why are they showing images of child marriages in India as if this is the norm for us? When was the last time parents had some huge wedding or dragged their children to sign papers in a government office? And if other Trinidadians were attending such weddings and didn’t report it then they are criminal too. This is an absurdity to say the least. Child marriages happen all over the world not just in India but, in Africa and the Middle East. So why is this a Hindu-specific problem? And child marriage is not a phenomenon in Trinidad, it does not represent any of our groups whatsoever. Hindus are among the most educated people and contribute time and again to the prosperity of the nation. These are the things Sat Maharaj must have been thinking about when he answered that question with justified anger. Let Hindus sit with the government and resolve this issue and amend the act. Hindus do not need help knowing right from wrong because historically, that has always come with a price: abuse for us and ulterior motives designed at cutting down Hinduism like an axe. Hindus have had many wake up calls and close calls, and this is no different.

The Fall Out, Murder Of Hindus 

A little while after this incident happened two Trinidadian Christians murdered a Hindu doctor named Ravi Maharaj in June 2016. They were motivated by the belief that he was an “Idol Worshipper” and “God doesn’t like that.” Imagine if this was a person from another community? There would be an uproar. So is it ok to commit crimes against Hindus? No, the reason crimes are mostly committed against us is because it is easy to do so. Hindus allow crimes to be committed against them because they would rather make a big fuss about a Hindu Leader’s comment than come out in numbers to protest this heinous hate crime against Hindus. Everyone is seeing us as easy prey. The famous and historic Temple by the Sea built by a Hindu World War veteran was looted and thrashed and the murtis (the statues) were smashed not too long ago. Hindus are creating their own sinking situation by not acting and always behaving passively. By the way I want to thank Justice For Hindus for posting this article. It was sent to newspapers in Trinidad and Guyana and they all refused to print it. What Justice!


A Fellow Trinidadian Hindu,

Vassan I. Ramracha






Breaking Hinduism in the Caribbean, de-linking and conversion

Caribbean Hindu and political writer Vassan Ramracha warns Hindus living in the Caribbean about the threats posed by conversion and de-linking to the community. 

“I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.”- Lord Thomas Macaulay, Speech at British Parliament 1835

     That spiritual heritage and tradition he referred to was Hinduism; which today remains the last great ancient native religion that has not only survived but, flourishes. It is a constant reminder to Christian missionaries and colonizers that they had not conquered everything, a mistake they are still trying to correct. The colonization process no longer includes a Bible in one hand and a whip in the other, now they have changed the game. The missionaries come bearing gifts, smiles and other trinkets because they need to show that they are peaceful and democratic to the world but, any opposition to their tactics is heralded as intolerance and they will cry over their constitutional rights to convert and call it freedom of religion. So Hindus are forced to open their doors to destruction in the name of democracy.

However, Hinduism did not come out unscathed and the Indian society is still scarred by such exploitation. Colonizers created deep divides in India and took diverse sections of Indian society and created hostile divisions. One such example is the caste system which had its roots in the Hindu tradition known as Varna, a social concept, where everyone is respected for their contribution to society no matter what task they perform. As a structured academic system Hinduism gave names to the different classes of people in society for organization purposes just like how we must class our citizens to better understand Economics such as the middle class etc.    British colonizers then transposed the Varna into an oppressive, discriminatory system based on more heinous divisions and called it caste which more resembled their very own peasant-serf system hierarchy back in Europe. Ironically, now they point fingers at Hinduism and call us uncivilized for the version of the caste system they created. Is the caste system really a part of Hinduism? Do we see it in Guyana and Trinidad, where our Hindu ancestors travelled and began a new Hindu society or did we abolish it and forget it since it doesn’t matter to us? That’s how colonization worked back then but, now they cannot openly force Hindus to convert as they did in the Goa inquisition and put them to hot racks and other torture, now they come bearing good tidings.

The British colonizers no longer have to do this to Indians themselves because their Christian Indian creations are doing it for them. People like Lord Macaulay created such processes to control conquered peoples across the globe and today legions of Christian Indians who have no sense of what happened to them and how they came to be this way continue the practice blindly. They are victims of the colonization process themselves and continue to parrot what they have been taught. The Christian Indian missionaries are continuing the destruction of their ancient religion as the colonizers planned long ago. Out of that forced conversion in the past Hindus became Christians in large numbers and now follow the teachings of the Church. Even when it is against their own ethnic interest they continue to see their own native religion with contempt. The Christian converts now go knocking on the doors of their own people to finish the job. The Catholic Church and other evangelical organizations have better records than even the United Nations and World health Organization of every region, caste and religion in India, even which tribe is against which tribe and how to exploit that divide. They have handed down methods to their minions how to best convert the remaining Hindus. They even have maps of exactly what parts of the world still need to be converted and red hot target areas such as India. Some of their current methods include meeting with Hindus and using the newly formed friendships to understand how Hindus think and what they can succumb to, dressing like swamis in traditional clothes in saffron and going among the “pagans” to preach, using Hindu culture such as music and dance to spread their dogma. However, unlike the unsuspecting Hindus they do not get lost in the unity, fusion and brotherly love. They understand the tenets of their belief that there can be only one God, one way and one path. They continued this process on the Hindus when they got to Guyana and Trinidad and used the Presbyterian and Catholic schools to do it, making Hindus feel their education was superior and more civilized and Hinduism was just idolatrous and superstitious.

The idea of using dance and other arts as a proselytization tool to infiltrate and convert Hindus came up recently. A pastor stopped a young girl from participating in a Divali ceremony in Guyana and made it clear the difference between Christians and the enemy as she rightly stated it. The pastor was exhibiting the underlying tenets of the Christian faith and the old way of doing things. The real danger was in the reply by a Christian convert of Indian Guyanese descent currently proselytizing in India. If he believes that we should all respect each other why is he converting in India? Conversion is an act of hostility, it says without saying, I do not believe in your way and do not respect you so I am going to convert your people and as your numbers diminish so will your civilization.

Careful analysis of his words show his true intentions. He wrote that we should show respect to Hindus and writes in the Guyanese newspaper about his efforts, in so doing they will see our work and Glorify the father, meaning come to Christ and forget their native religion. This is the systematic destruction of Hinduism we are looking at. He then ended by saying invite me to your mandir and we will sing about Yeshua together. He did not say we will sing about Ganesh together but, only mentions Yeshua, the Hindi word for Christ, another trick to tie up Hindus. He continues to use his Hindu name Devanand Bhagwan as explained before to infiltrate the Hindu ranks. Like any other conquered person he may not agree with colonization but is facilitating the process since he has rejected his native beliefs and is propagating the colonial religion. This is the game. The game is so good. World class organizations are used as an excuse to infiltrate Hindus and Harvard University will soon begin to “study” the Kumbh Mela festival, where over a 100 million Hindus descend to celebrate their diversity of beliefs; now this is pure Hinduism. Soon enough they will demonize Hinduism by reports of “pollution” and “crime” and as usual will have almost nothing good to say except how Hinduism is just a menace. This topic was recently brought to attention by author Rajiv Malhotra who voices the Hindu opinion. If you’re not really familiar with him it’s because our corrupt media makes it so but, off course many have heard of Wendy Doniger who wrote “The Hindus,” and it was heralded as a great seller and a magnificent read and yet it practically denigrates Hinduism to mere sexual imagery, fantasy and myth. Her books are available in every shelf in the big airports in India but, if it were to be pulled they would call India and HER Prime Minister Modi intolerant. They find crafty ways to label the victims as intolerant in the eyes of the world in order to force them to accept destruction disguised as democracy.

They now exploit the Hindu beliefs in peace, non-violence, democracy and use words from the Vedas as Vasudevam Kutumbakam meaning the world is one family, to lure Hindus everywhere and in Guyana, Trinidad and other diaspora countries as well to accept their ways. Their intentions are plain as seen in the Nepal Earthquake and Chennai Floods where instead of food the Pope sent Bibles. A new Mother Theresa movie will come out soon demonizing Hindus who speak against this systematic destruction of their religion as an extremist group. However, Hindus are not only speaking out against the conversion but the environment conversion creates. Conversion not only causes political dissention among nations and groups but it hits at the very root of society, the family, causing disruption and disrepair of bonds.

The last group contributing to this are the remaining naïve Hindus who blindly repeat we are one world and all religions are the same without understanding the facts. Off course we are one, it’s the ideal and we should all try and get along. Nothing is wrong in participating and learning about each other’s beliefs in fact, I encourage everyone to find out more about Hinduism as it’s extremely misunderstood but, Hindus need to recognize the signs of those who have genuine intentions and those who have none. By all means, dance, sing, join us for food and light deeyas too. We will welcome you as long as you respect our right to exist. Hindus need to educate themselves about the games afoot to destroy this religion because now it is coming gift-wrapped and harder to defend against, who can say no to smiles and peaceful proposals? Keep Macaulay’s words in mind, “if they lose their ancient tradition [Hinduism] they will become…a truly dominated nation.”

So far we have seen how British colonials openly spoke about their plans to control nations and destroy native cultures by breaking their native religions through conversion and other exploitation games. This continued interference into the lives of different ethnic groups has led to mass genocides all over the world when groups began to see themselves as different. In the Indian race this has taken form in the destruction of Hinduism; the glue that holds Indian culture together and the primordial soup from which it sprung. The British no longer have to do it themselves since they have missionaries especially Indian Christian missionaries doing it for them. These people are trained how to play the democracy game and use the ideals of brotherly love, one world and even Hindu beliefs in peace and love against Hinduism.

No one can truly be disconnected to their culture. These have been developed over millennia and practiced for even longer. It is part of our blood, DNA and rooted into our genealogical memories.  Even in Europe they are feelings the pangs of their native calling and have been celebrating Viking festivals with more fervor in Scotland and Iceland. In Africa strong female singers are challenging Christianity and colonization through music to open the way for the revival of native African religion. So too Indians who converted long ago and even yesterday feel a pull to their native roots. They feel it every time a tabla plays or a sitar begins to stir. They feel it every time they hear chutney music and tassa drums begin to tune up. They feel it every time they see a classical dance and see Hindu women dressed in saris and they want to light the Deeyas too. I sure don’t need to explain what happens when we smell curry and doubles? This delicious food surely could not have come from the culture they left behind? This thing they enjoy daily could not have come from the same Hinduism they are told is evil and idolatrous? What they have been taught begins to fight what they are feeling.

The Christian missionaries, western academia, the Church and the converted Indians then try to legitimize their conversion by killing two birds with one stone; they disconnect Indian culture from Hinduism. There are three main claims they make that Hinduism is not really a religion, Indian culture has nothing to do with Hinduism and they distort history to show how parts of Hinduism like Sanskrit and Yoga never came from Hinduism. These are the missionary games we must learn about fast because they are hitting the global market. The Church and western academia are now using the slogan, “Hinduism is not a religion, it’s a way of life,” to get Hindus to forget the contributions of their religion to the world and to stop the world from giving Hinduism the respect and recognition it deserves. The academic powers and colonizers cannot have Hinduism turning any heads when they tried so hard to destroy it. They are now claiming that karma, avatars and all the things the world has come to enjoy especially Yoga and Sanskrit are not Hindu. They claim that yoga was founded before Hinduism and Sanskrit may have origins outside India. Sanskrit is a hit in the scientific world with NASA and computer programming and they are claiming Sanskrit is not Hindu, it’s not even Indian. Yoga needs no introduction, everybody loves it. How can they let Hinduism seep into the minds of their flock? The best way to stop it is by disconnecting Hinduism from all its branches, the language, dance, music, food, scriptures. They even claim the Vedas and Upanishads, our oldest texts came from elsewhere and not India or Hinduism, and they are practically saying it is not an Indian invention because that’s how colonization works. If Sanskrit and Yoga are not Indian or Hindu where were these people when Hindu blood was being shed to save it? Where were their voices when Hindus were tortured and enslaved to protect it? Where were they when Yoga and Sanskrit were mocked as witchcraft and barbarian while Hindus were being put to shame for calling it their own? Where were they when it was called Hindu and therefore illegitimate as study, now the world wants it and conveniently it’s not Hindu anymore? Where were they for at least ten millennia when India had “stolen” it?

The converted Indians want to legitimize how they feel and their actions of being involved in any kind of Indian culture like music and also begin to chant this slogan too. After all, if Indian music is Hindu how can you destroy what you love? If dance is Hindu how can you destroy the thing that created it? If Indian food came from Hindu traditions how can we legitimize destroying our native culture? Let’s analyze what they are saying? Hinduism is not a religion, it’s way of life. Yes, it’s true Hinduism is a way of life but, any religion is a way of life, if you want to truly follow Hinduism you should be vegetarian, you should practice yoga, you should practice respect for animals and the environment and you have certain main festivals you might be expected to celebrate which includes Divali, ritual fasting, pilgrimage to holy places in India if you can afford it, among many things. Are Islam and Christianity not the same? Being Muslim is a way of life too, women should ideally wear hijab, one must pray five times a day, go on Hajj and for lent Christians fast, exchange gifts for Christmas. All these are lifestyle choices and any religion is going to be a way of life so calling Hinduism a way of life and not a religion means either the other religions are not religions or missionaries are using something called a logical fallacy, an argument that appears to be logical but, is not very logical when you really think about it. How can it not be a religion, its real name is Sanatan Dharma, roughly translated it is “the eternal religion!”

Let’s look at the elements they try to disconnect. They say things like Indian dance, food and music is not Hindu, its Indian culture. However, the religion Hinduism is a complete holistic way of life and it penetrates every aspect of human activity. Hinduism believes God is everywhere and all aspects of life intertwine with Hindu philosophy, let’s see how. Indian classical dance or Bharatnatyam is made up of routines that tell the story of the gods like Rama and Krishna, that’s Hinduism! Stories used in dance coming from our sacred texts the Ramayana and Gita. Indian food comes from India the land from where Hinduism sprung. Hindus have a vegetarian diet and if you want people to eat their vegetables there’s only one way to do it, make it spicy! Curry, masala, geera, yes all of Hindu origin, because to maintain a Hindu vegetarian way of life food was developed that people could grow to like. Culture comes from traditions and many times they spring from beliefs of the people, like their religion. In this case the religion is Hinduism. Indian music could not exist without Hinduism. Indian music comes from thousands of major and minor scales intended to mimic the sounds of the gods, make it divine and copy the original sounds of the Universe when it was created. Music was so highly developed in Hinduism it was tailored to create meditative effects to worship the gods. Saraswati is the goddess of music, it could not get any clearer than that. So next time you want to enjoy Indian culture go ahead and do so, no one is stopping any person from practicing yoga or singing chutney but, do not disconnect it from the origins. Hindus only ask that you respect its origins.

Just like part one of this article, I repeat, the last group of people and the most important are the gullible Hindus who are facilitating the demise of their religion by just reciting what western academics write, thinking they are being hip, being accepted and studied by mainstream scholars. These are Hindus who blindly repeat yes its true yoga belongs to everyone. They say it out of wanting to share their practices with everyone and hope it brings joy to anyone ailing or in need of natural aid. However, as we Hindus open our doors to destruction, missionaries are giggling at our foolishness because mainstream academia is now recording unchecked, without any opposition that we no longer have a religion. This can be used against us. One day you may show up to get married at the county office and they will tell you sorry this is not a recognized religious practice. Hindus need to be careful, our freedoms can be taken away from us so easily, and it’s dangerous.

They are using these weapons to prove that nothing belongs to Hinduism; yoga, karma, dharma, Sanskrit and all the things that the world now loves. Colonization comes in many packages. These things for which Hinduism should finally be getting the applause for is being taken away and Hindus don’t even see it. We must stand up and say yes it does belong to us but, anyone may use it for their betterment. Hindus also know Hinduism is not a religion in the traditional sense of the Abrahamic word because it has no dogmatic rules, you can basically choose what you want to practice and you can question everything but, that doesn’t mean it’s not a religion. The media uses this idea Hindus have of Hinduism and get them to also repeat the phrase Hinduism is not a religion. Religion is not just the Abrahamic definition of religion it must become broader than that. Corrupted academia and missionaries will use any amount of words and games but, if the end of the argument leads to nothing belongs to Hinduism then Hindus need to wake up. Hindus can no longer afford to be afraid to speak up, what is the harm in practicing your democratic right to say, “You may take part and enjoy any part of Hinduism but, these practices came from Hindu origin please respect that.” No one can mute the voice of a billion people speaking in unison.

Vassan Ramracha


Caribbean Hindu warns Indians against Christian inculturation

Christian inculturation is the new form of deception used by western religions to convert Hindus to Christianity unlike Islam which uses physical coercion and tactics they employ against the “infidels.” The church is no longer using physical methods of coercion nor colonization to force Hindus to convert but, rather infiltrating the Hindu belief system and implanting their own beliefs within core Hindu texts, rituals festivals and traditions. Christian missionaries are delivering a lethal dosage to Hinduism and moving up their game and, while Hindus sleep like sheep, Hinduism is fighting a battle for survival.

Missionaries are now masquerading Jesus as Hindu deities, dressing him as Krishna however, instead of his blue skin he has white skin and blue eyes, riding a chariot of horses, making him take the form of Krishna and eventually he will replace Krishna which is their mission. Jesus is sometimes seen floating in the air in a yogic lotus-like position with a Tilak on his head like Shiva and both gods are being used to teach and convert Hindus to Christianity.

This method of coercion was used against Caribbean Hindus of Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname who were forced to convert to gain access to jobs if they converted, while access to an education meant that they would have to sing hymns in Hindi that glorified the Christian beliefs and Jesus. Hindus need to learn to think strategically as well, we need to have a global Hindu united presence to defeat such enmity against our civilization and keep the missionaries at bay. Hindu missionaries must invest time in Hindus and their own dharma and begin a teaching frenzy, a comprehensive education in Hinduism, comparative religion and defensive strategy to save ourselves from this unseen onslaught.

We can no longer sit around and repeat the naïve phrase that we are liberal and so there is nothing we can do or that Hinduism will survive no matter what. Just because Hinduism will survive doesn’t mean we should continue to live like cattle being ushered around, we must now control our own destiny. Hindu passivity will lead to their own demise. We must also stop trying to legitimize Hinduism by giving examples from the Bible and equating our great democratic dharma to beliefs ready to destroy ours. Just because history might prove that Christ studied in India doesn’t make him a great Rishi, if anything it proves they came to our doors to learn from us and are still evolving the great philosophy we already have. Corruption will prevail when good men and women do nothing. Western History already wants to take our yoga, karma, avatars and want a monopoly on the Vedas by claiming Europeans Aryans wrote it and gave it to us. This failure to act does not make any Hindus heroes but, a nation of politically correct, passive mess who will have everything taken from them.

We Hindus allow this because we are liberal and our views tell us to accept all gods and all ways but, what happens when those beliefs do not accept us? How tolerant are we going to be in the face of certain well-planned annihilation? We must now learn to tell younger Hindus we accept all gods but, they must give us the same respect, practice your way and I will practice mine. Just because we believe in non-violence must we also believe in non-action? In this age of Kali Yuga we must question if the complete passive stance taken by our gurus and pundits are not leading us to our own demise, non-violence does not have to equate to non-action.

Soon enough if we do not take charge now, we will find ourselves in the positions of the Native Americans and African tribal traditions who have lost so much of their original philosophy and way of life, the watered down version used by the church to convert is all they have left of a once highly flourishing, liberal and democratic pantheon they once had. Hinduism’s liberal views are being used against it and we must act now or suffer the consequences later.

Vassan I. Ramracha
Hindu From Trinidad 

India must reach out to her Caribbean diaspora

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The newly elected Prime Minister of India has a great task ahead of him if India is to become one of the respected global. In order for any country to secure power it must first secure its identity, and in a world of globalization India has more resources than she recognizes resources that reside in her diaspora. Her diaspora reaches far beyond the shores of the motherland and they are prepared to lend India a helping hand in her development and in projecting her power. They have access to unlimited resources but lack support from India has not taken effective advantage of the capacity and ability of its diaspora.
India should and must make alliances with and encourage further allegiances from the communities of her diaspora who have interest in seeing India grow into a world power. India must reach out to the descendants of those Indians who left her shores a long time ago under the British Empire and who now live in distant lands where they contribute to national development in a variety of areas not the least being medicine, health care, engineering, education, and government positions. They can provide political support to India through the positions they have achieved and through the resources of their own countries.
Just as caste and regional divides must be dropped in favor of uniting the country under heavy patriotism, India must reach out to lands that will provide extra hands like her own goddesses thereby extending the reach of her power. The Caribbean diaspora Indians can provide India with a base of political and military power in the West. Guyana has rich minerals that literally pop out of the soil and a multitude of land that is yet unoccupied. Suriname has a variety of resources including gold, diamonds and potential for hydrocarbon. Trinidad has economic might and the fruits of black gold flowing through its veins, and can provide India with a source of oil, pitch, gas that can be converted into methanol and other goods and can take the strain off India’s dependence on any Mid-East sources.
If India can depend on those who are loyal to her, she will be ready to stand on her own. Guyana, Trinidad and Suriname lie in strategic locations on the globe. Trinidad, for example, is the gateway into South America and the Atlantic just as the Philippines was coveted by America for the same purpose of using the Pacific Ocean. The Chinese have already made a second landing in these countries developing and extending China’s growth by reaching out to Chinese descendants and sending in more reinforcements for business and trade. Large numbers of Chinese are in Suriname, Trinidad and Guyana and in virtually every country in the region. India is in deep slumber and once again late to the dinner table.
There must be mutual benefits for India and her diaspora in any relationship. India must give public recognition to her diaspora Indians especially those in the Caribbean region. These nations are her western footholds. She must ensure their economic and political progress in the sometimes hostile environment they live, especially in places like Guyana, Trinidad, Suriname. India should not leave the progress of her diaspora to the mercy of other regional forces like her diaspora in Fiji where they were persecuted by Black Melanesians with India depending on Australia to secure the protection of Indians.
In maintaining the security of Indians overseas in places where they comprise large numbers like Fiji, Guyana, and Suriname, India will gain respect from the other great nations patrolling the globe. Those other powers will know India means business and that her nationals should not be messed with – just like how other countries know that nationals of the US or China or France, etc. are not to be messed with. The countries that persecute Indians will know that India will no longer remain silent and go quietly into the night when the safety and security of its nationals are affected. Hostility towards Indians worldwide will decrease with the oppressor knowing that they must think twice before taking actions against India’s descendants.
One of the reasons why Indians overseas have suffered and India has not mounted an effective response is its inept bureaucratic system and an entrenched foreign policy that kowtows towards others (even lesser powers). The foreign policy establishment has to be revamped. Better education and retraining is needed. Doing more of the same will not make India a great power. It must change its foreign policy outlook and behave like a great power. India must throw out all the Lord Macaulay disease that has infected the foreign policy system and retrain its civil servants to reclaim the great heritage of India. India must instill in the minds of their youths and their diaspora their great history. India should stop acting politically correct and base its policies of the ancient scriptures of the land; the Hindu ethos of its origins.
Prime Minister Modi must urge our biggest attention grabber in the world to get on board with the new program of reorienting the Indian mindset about its greatness and its origins — Bollywood. The film industry must make movies about the truth about India’s history, her conquerors and her real contribution to the world. The population of India and the world should know what Indian culture is truly about and not the colonial and Mughal version given to the world or the schools of India that have no basis in truth. The colonial and Mughal versions serve only to soil the world’s perception of Indians. This informational hegemony must be countered.
Also, other nations have tried to physically hegemonize the world – seek dominance and control. We must hegemonize ourselves with pride in ourselves and from this a courageous nation will be developed ready to battle every problem that arises. Bollywood should let the world know about our contribution to the World Wars and how many of us were sacrificed for the freedom of the Europeans, Africans and Asians. People have been poking fun at Hindu Gods and Goddesses out of ignorance; Bollywood can correct this problem by explaining Hinduism. Also, Bollywood can make movies about the diaspora Indians who fought alongside their India-born brethren in World War Two and for India’s Independence. India and the world should also know of the contributions of Subhas Chandra Bose and the Sepoy soldiers during the wars and those who were shipped to the Caribbean because they fought against British imperialism.
There is a huge gap in knowledge and in relations between India and her diaspora.  This gap must be bridged through knowledge in the schools about the presence of Indians worldwide. The history of Indentureship needs to be told to Indian students – it is an important part of India’s history. As the gap closes between India and her diaspora, people will understand the importance of the diaspora. And the reach of India’s power shall become greater. Lord Rama once built a bridge connecting India to her kins in Lanka now that bridge must extend to wherever Indians and her diaspora have landed. Let us be our own avatars for once. All other nations and powers have had a crack at India; it is about time the favors are returned.
Vassan I. Ramracha

The Indian Diaspora’s Contribution To Hindu Nationalism

The Diaspora Indians are those Indo-Caribbean people from the West Indies who left India during the British Colonial Period and came to the Caribbean almost two hundred years ago. They embarked on a journey that set them apart from their fellow South Asians because they were brave enough to risk life on “Kala Pani,” to be willing to leave their motherland and everything familiar behind and to build a new world for themselves in foreign lands. This was no easy task because they encountered every “hell” imaginable, facing tough conditions, heavy discrimination and the massive task of maintaining their culture, religion, values and yet forging a new identity; merging their eastern traditions with the western world. Many were told they could never enter a school compound until they had converted to Christianity and made the decision to forfeit an education to save their heritage. Today they have built themselves an entire society where they serve among the best and the brightest in the fields of law, commerce, engineering, prime ministers and surely medicine.

They were the original carriers of “Indian culture,” to the West, resisting much conversion, building foundations for their dharma. Swami Vivekananda is credited mostly with bringing of Hinduism to the West and surely he made it more popular at the world religion summit of Chicago in 1929? But, what many don’t know is that Hinduism was already here and it had taken root with the diaspora Indians. It might even be safe to say they gave the world, Mahatma Gandhi. However, the questions begs, how can people who left India give the world the image of Indian Leadership? India was ruled by the British for almost three hundred years and during that time they learnt that their culture was a backward one in desperate need of European traits to give it some class, that our history, philosophies, mannerisms were all barbaric in nature and so the average Indian, even until this day became quite ashamed of themselves. In this way the British were able to conquer India not physically but, mentally by exploiting divides that already existed and creating even deeper ones. India was divided by caste, religion and everything else under the Sun. Gandhi was no different, he left India to study in England with a suit and tie but, when he returned from journeying to the colonies where Diaspora Indians lived, he came back in a Kurta and Dhoti. Why?

After 170 years, these “Coolie” Indians, as the British called them, in places like Guyana, Trinidad, Surinam, Africa, Fiji, Mauritius and other places had cemented Indian culture into the heart of their lands, especially Hindu culture. They had no phones, no internet, and no world news to keep them connected to their heritage, and yet they thrived, climbing the ladder and producing world leaders. Explain more Gandhi here.

When Gandhi lived in South Africa among Jahaji Indians ( what those who came by boat under colonial rule were referred to) Gandhi realized South African Indians were not bound by caste, region or religion as in the case of India. The Indians in South Africa, the Caribbean and the western hemisphere were bounded by their common political and cultural cause to survive as Indians. Gandhi who left India in a three piece suit was now influenced by South African Indians on how to behave as an Indian. Gandhi’s regional identity, caste and class behavior started to erode as he himself emulated the South African Indians. As Gandhi fought for Indians’ rights in South Africa as Indians, his three piece suit changed to a Kurta and Dhoti and thus the shape of British Gandhi became the Mahatma, and upon his return to India, gave rise to Indian Independence. Whatever might be your view of Gandhi History and his true effect on India, it is noteworthy where his visual “Indianisms” might have emerged. And therefore it can be concurred the possibility of the Jahaji Indians for perpetuating Indian culture into Gandhi’s ideology.

In the sixties, with globalization starting to take place, a new wave of Indians left India referred to as NRI’s or Non-Resident Indians, and when they came to the West they found that a society and their own culture, that they once knew only to belonging from whence they hailed, was already flourishing even before they landed. Mandirs had already been glorified on western grounds and channa and aloo was already the breakfast of the nation, before they had even set foot. They began to define the Diaspora Indians as non-Indians, that they couldn’t be “real” Indians and, I can only imagine that this must have been out of some sort of resentment and hostility towards those who had pioneered the way for them. Even in recent times, they come to places like Trinidad where a flourishing Indian culture minus the colonial hardships is already waiting for them, ready to enjoy the benefits of education, business, rights, and other knick knacks of the a greatly developed world, and they do not know the blood, sweat and tears that was shed for these comfortable conditions, or in the case of New York, where Guyanese immigrants mainly, have paved the way in defining Indian culture, setting up shop and setting the stage, literally, defining “Coolie” culture in Queens.

What they failed to understand is that these divisive lines would do more to harm Indian identity and development into Indian Nationalism than it would do good for any of us. Who doesn’t know that divided we fall. The biggest irony is that fifty years from now or even less, other recent immigrants from India will be calling the children of today’s NRI’s non-Indians. In fact, many of the NRI men go back to India to marry because they feel NRI women are not Indian enough, as if our Indian community didn’t have enough lines for us to fall; more are being created every day. NRI Indians speak their languages mostly at home because they want to fit in with the American crowd while the Diaspora Indians are teaching Hindi in their colleges in Trinidad. They gauge each other based on what part of India you are from and your caste. They sometimes barely know about their own history and Hindus know even less about Hinduism. This is not to say all are alike but is a continuous problem with a majority.

Some NRI Indians, many of whom have already distanced themselves from their Indian heritage and keep their religious backgrounds hidden, especially Hindus and those of other Dharmic religions have not acculturated but, even wished to assimilate themselves in being Western with absolutely no thought or care from where they came from for example Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana and Nikki Haley of North Carolina, who have mainstreamed themselves as Christians for votes, power and position.

In fact, African Americans went through the same thing and continue to do so, here in America with their African counterparts who have recently immigrated to the U.S.A. Many continent-born Africans come to the U.S.A. thinking of themselves as “real” Africans and don’t even realize the very freedoms they experience were fought for and won by the blood and sweat of the people who came here under the title African, being discriminated as Africans, the irony. Italian and Irish Americans, just to mention, have the same problems with their equivalents in Europe.

When former Prime Minister of India, Vajpayee had come to speak in Trinidad, I myself asked the question, “So why is it wherever I go I get rewarded or kicked as an Indian and only when I come around those with an Indian passport I suddenly realize I am not Indian?” So who is a real Indian, the one who sports it because it’s on their passport of the ones who fought for the right to live as one? If we want the world to respect us as a people we must first respect each other. Our strength will lie in our ability to unify.

Vassan I Ramracha.