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What it’s like being a Bangladeshi Hindu

Here is a report sent to us by a Bangladeshi Hindu, it is a list of all the attacks on Hindus by Islamic radicals in the single month of November of 2016.  Imagine if this was your life, imagine if this is what you had to go through.  Can anyone deny that Bangladesh is becoming the next ISIS?  The BD government is not properly addressing this issue and simply allowing these crimes against Hindus to proliferate.  Something must be done to #SaveBangladesh before it is too late.


NOV 2016

In November 2016, at least 310 human rights violations have occurred on the religious minorities of Bangladesh. In most of these cases, many individuals, families, indigenous communities and organizations have been damaged, with at least a few thousand. At that time, 11 people were killed, 42 injured, 3 were injured in the abductions, landslides, houses, buildings and business establishments attacked, grabbing and looted more than 1000. The 2010 house has been burnt down with the threat of eviction,  57 vandalism of idols, 54 bomb attacks, fire and stolen . 6 Hindus have been forced to leave the house, occupation of property 4 Hindu families whose financial strength is about 20 crores and women rape with 5 people, converted 1, abduction 3. More than 2,000 houses of Sawtals were burned in Gaibandha and more than 100 indigenous people were arrested.  Nasirnagar, Feni and Gaibandha incidents involving  local Awami League Leader. The allegation is that the incidents happened due to the failure of the administration.

Details of dates of occurrence: –

Nov 30 – A Hindu youth, named Pushpendu Bikash Mandal in Pathrabhania of Paikgachha upazila of Khulna was hacked to death.

Nov 30 – Sri Sri Lakshminarayan Jyu Vigna Temple was established by Bikron Thakur of Narayanganj and this huge pond was in front of this temple. The pond has been captured  by the powerful  Awamileague leader  who connected With local govt.

Nov 29 – The idol is broken by attacking five Hindu temples of the Hindu Charity of Char Kanchand village in Chivivakla union of Goalanda upazila of Rajbari.

Nov 29 -Jahangir Alam  a muslim posted a religious abusive picture on Facebook using the name of Rasraj Das, Who belongs to the Hindu religion & this incident made huge massacre by radical muslim in Nasrinagar Brahmanbaria.

Nov 29 – Local  leaders of the AL to take control of Hindu homes in Daganbhujya of Feni. In the meantime, at least 3 leaders named Jubo League have locked the house at Amanulapure in the upazila, to take possession of a minority house worth Tk 10 crore and to take possession of property of another minority in Azizazilpur.

Nov 29 – In Nageswari of Kurigram, four people of a Hindu family were injured in the attack of miscreants.

Nov 28 – Miscreants set fire to the temple of the big house of Bulla village on Sunday night in Madhabpur upazila of Habiganj. It damages the millions of rupees in the temple.

Nov 28- A Hindu man named Chishmur Roy (45) was hacked to death by local muslim leader .

Nob 28 – In Golipur municipal town of Mymensingh, miscreants committed theft hundreds years old Ma Kali temple.

Nov 28 – A Group of Jatiya Party  is trying to defame the land of Debtottar property of Sri Sri Kali Mandir, the traditional village of Boaljore of Dighalbak union of Nilgonj upazila.

Nov 28 – Two Hindu fishermen in Ullapara district of Sirajganj received threats to leave the country. Failing to take possession of the land, villagers have alleged that the single influential person of the village has threatened them.

Nov 28 – At the Department of Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET), beef food has been fed to the students named by mutton.

Nov 27- Tapash Kanti Dutta, the newly elected Chairman of the Basilia Union Parishad of Satkania Police Station and Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance vice-president, has been imprisoned.

Nov 27 – A six-year-old indigenous child was raped in Boalmari in Faridpur.

Nov 27 – Gitan Pal, Mali Pal, Hempala and women were attacked by the attackers to acquire 15 bighas of mouza of Hindus in Goaltalul of Balidangi upazila of Thakurgaon.

Nov 27 – In the horrendous horror of the Hindu Palpara in Kundshi village of Lohagara municipality in Narail.50 Hindu families of Palpara of Kundshi village are scared of fear, panic and insecurity. Because some houses were burnt in the fire a few days ago, some houses

Nov 27 -A Hindu journalist  Tapan Jyoti Topu has threatened to kill by Muslims.

Nov 26- Miscreants have set fire to a Hindu house in Akhaura after Nasirnagar Upazila Sadar of Brahmanbaria.

Nov 25-Mymensingh city Jubalghat Battala Joy Kali Mata temple was stolen

Nov 25-Kurigram district Hindu girlt of Rajarhat College has been kidnapped. Her name is Bani Rani Devi.

Nov 25-Tapan Kumar Shil, a Hindu youth, was killed in Bagerhat’s house in Bain Para area.

Nov 24-In the Sirajganj district, two Hindus of Dharail village of Ullapara attacked the house and took possession of the house. The attackers are threatening and intimidating the two Hindu families to leave the country.

Nov 24-A freedom fighter Asit kumar saha (65) and his son Kattik Saha (28), who was injured in Kaliganj of Jhenidah. So that he can leave his country.

Nov 24-In the Kundshi Palpara of Lohagara upazila of Narail district, some houses of three Hindu families were burnt and burnt to ashes.

Nov23-A Hindu fisherman named Mr Sunil Chandra Das (40) was killed in Sadulapur upazila of Gaibandha district.

Nov23-The incident of vandalism of Radha Govinda temple in Madhupur of Badarganj upazila of Rangpur occurred.

Nov23-According to statements of four witnesses in Brahmanbaria court, people from Haripur hired trucks and tractors hired on the day of attack on Nasrinagar, local Awami League-backed chairman of the Haripur Union Parishad (UP) Dewan Atiqur Rahman, his brothers and supporters in the rally took place.

Nov 22- Hindu College student Tanu was doused in Muslim religion in Pau thana area of Rajshahi.

Nov 22- A body of former Hindu Union Parishad (UP) member was recovered after one month of kidnapping in Rajbari Sadar upazila. The deceased was identified as Gopal Chandra Saha (50).

Nov 22-The incident took place on the headmaster of Katakhali High School in Magura sadar upazila due to not being able to cover rape cases. The name of the teacher is Saha Bimal

Nov 20- A hindu priest  of dhakessori temple Baul Chakrobarty  has been threatened by the phone.

Nov 17-Temple in Baralagathi temple in Jhalokati due to dispute over temple land during attack.

Nov 17-An idol has been vandalized by attacking the temple at Hossainpur Upazila of Kishoreganj.

Nov 17-10 days after the abduction of a Hindu school girl from Bagbari in Sylhet city, police rescued the ward no 9 ward councilor of Sylhet City Corporation from Mokhlesur Rahman Kamran’s office.

Nov 17-Some hundred and thirty-year old statues were stolen from the temple of Munshiganj. The statue of the stolen idol is RadhaKrishna statue of 8 inches long and the Gopal Gopal statue of eight kg.

Nov 17- Naogaon municipality has set fire to a house in Khidirpur Eastern Hindupara, seven houses, including goods, have been burnt.

Nov 16- The incident happened in the house of Brahmanbaria Upazila Parishad Chairman and Upazila Jubo League president Anjan Kumar Deb. An old woman named Debati Chakraborty was burnt to death.

Nov 16-  Hindu housewife raped by local influential people in Agayaljhara of Barisal.

Nov 16- A six-year-old minority child rape is reported in Boalmari in Faridpur.

Nov 16- Hindu God Kartik and Ganesh was broken by the radical in Sri Shree Durga Mandir at Sajapur village of 8th Casconakpur Union under Zakiganj Upazila of Sylhet.

Nov 14- At the Patiya of Chittagong, a 150-year-old Hindu God Shib statue  has been stolen.

Nov 13 -There was a case of fire in a house again in Nasrinagar. This incident happened at the house of the Chote Lal Das, adjacent to the Jagannath temple of Upazila Sadar.

Nov 12-Harijan-born resident of Rajshahi city Lakhhipar ID Quetta kidnapped Manna Rani, wife of Krishish Biswas.

Nov 12-A group of terrorists attacked, vandalized and set on fire a Hindu family to force Hindus to take possession of Chitalmari in Bagerhat. People coming to grab land of three Hindu women thrash them.

Nov 12-At least five people were injured in the incident in the Hindu family under the leadership of a Jamaat leader in Bamkhali, Pukuria U, Pir Natmuda Pub, Hindu Para in Chatgam.

Nov10 -In Sylhet City, a Hindu leader of the Hindu family took over the residence of an Awami League leader at Jallarpar, and established the establishment.

Nov 10-Unidentified criminals fired at a Hindu house in Bagali village under kayra upazila of Khulna. Anady Pala (32) was burnt alive in the fire.

Nov 10-Two weeks after the marriage of Habiganj Nabiganj Palli, Hindu housewife Suma (17) was taken from the house and raped.

Nov 9-Upazila Awami League secretary Advocate Maulad Hossain Sana took the decision after arresting Babul Hawladar, who was caught in CC cameras while hurting the image of Central Harisava temple in Banaripara upazila of Barisal.

Nov 9 – Police recovered the body of a Hindu woman named Dolly Rani Banik (46) on Tuesday night from the E-8 number of the residence of Mujbazar Madhabbag in the capital on Tuesday night.

Nov 9-There were incidents of vandalism in the Temple at Manikganj.

Nov 8-Kali Bari and Kanai Lal Zuri Akhara occupy the inside of the police station in Nabiganj could not be retrieved even after the long span of 45 years.

Nov 8-Around 200 years old Teknaf upazila of Hanhera’s big Buddhist monastery is to be wiped out. It has been repeatedly demanded by the local Buddhist community to protect it but it is not possible due to the dominant power. Former Awami League MP Mohammad Ali and his sons are involved in this.

Nov 8-In Kushtia, 15 people, including women, were injured in the attack on the Harijan community.

Nov 8-A temple idol was vandalized in Paturia of Baharpur union under Baliakandi upazila of Rajbari.

Nov 8-Lodging a temple in Manda upazila of Naogaon demanded a person’s property. There were allegations that statue and worship equipment were removed in the incident.

Nov 8-The incident of vandalization of the statue of the universal Kali temple adjacent to Ponabaliya Bazar of Jhalokati Sadar upazila occurred.

Nov 6-An influential group of locals has attacked a Hindu family of Kangapa union of Baniachang 6 of Habiganj. Five people were injured in the attack.

Nov 6- Miscreants have vandalized two idols of the Kali temple at Bagbati in Sirajganj Sadar upazila.

Nov 6-In the Nasirnagar temple of Brahmanbaria, damage to the Hindu house Basabarini damaged 87 million 10 thousand 500 rupees. Of these, there are 14 small and large, private-public temples, 58 houses.

Ghosapara has been damaged- Gopal Das, Montu Malkar, Ripon Malakar, Hari Madhav Mallick, Abani Malakar, Krishna Das, Moran Chand Ghosh, Gautam Ghosh, Uttam Ghosh, Vijay Ghosh, Manu Gop, Shankar Das, Niranjan Ghosh, Nidu Ghosh, Binod Bihari Chowdhury, Ripon Ghosh The house was damaged. According to the demands of the house-owner and the house owner, the amount of loss is 60 thousand, 86 thousand, 1 lakh 20 thousand, 30 thousand, 10 thousand, 90 thousand, 10 thousand, 7 thousand, 10 thousand, 10 thousand, 15 thousand, 5 thousand, 60. Thousands, 10 thousand, five and a half million.

Has been damaged in the eastern part-Shambhu Sarkar, Sujit Sarkar, Sumon Sarkar, Mohan Banshi Sarkar, Haralal Mandal, Rabil Sarkar, Sushil Sarkar, Sajal Sarkar, Pradip Sarkar, Shambhu Government House. Homestead According to the claim – their losses are 5 thousand, 35 thousand, 6 thousand, 5 thousand, 5 thousand, 5 thousand, 10 thousand, 1 lakh, 3 thousand, 34 thousand respectively. The house-owners and the house-owners of these houses demand these.

The dam has been damaged -Bimal Das, Samir Das, Shibu Das, Liton Das, Shani Das, Kumud Das, Mohan Lal Das, Jhantu Das, Harendra Das’ house. According to the claim, their loss amount is 10 thousand, 7 thousand, 90 thousand, 15 thousand, 2 thousand, 15 thousand, one lakh, 25 thousand, 13 thousand. These house owners and sages of the house claimed these claims.

Nov 6- Miscreants set fire to another Hindu house again in Nasrinagar The incident took place at Dattapara Upazila Sadar at 6:30 pm on Saturdays. Owner of the house Anjan Kumar Deb Upazila Juba League president.

Nov 6-Miscreants have vandalized an idol of a temple of Darmmitpur village under Pirganj upazila of Rangpur.

Nov 6-Thakurgaon Sadar Upazila Nargon Pokati temple sent to the custody of UP chairman Mr. Pagam Ali in jail.

Nov 4-List of temples destroyed in communal violence in Nasirnagar upazila of Brahmanbaria district by the extremist communal forces on October 30, 2016: –

1) Nasirnagar Gaur Mandir (Purv-Shankar Sam Gopal Das-Santosh Sutradhar, Sang-Ganganagar, Nasirnagar) is currently undergoing treatment at Brahmanbaria Sadar Hospital.

2) Nasirnagar Shivbari Temple

3) Nasirnagar Jagannath Bari Temple

4) Nasirnagar ink temple

5) temple of Ghoshpara Binod Ghosh’s house

6) Temple of Ghotpara Montu Ghosh’s house

7) Kashipara Kali Mandir

8) Temple of Kashipara Sutradhar house

9) Temple of Anjum Sarkar Bhabari of Namasalpara

10) Temple of Datta Bada

11) Gondulpara temple of Rabi Das’s house

12) Temple of Ghosapara Mora Ghosh House

13) Temple of Ghosh Ghosh of Ghoshapara

14) Kali Mandir of Madhab Das house of Joy Nagar Para

15) Temple of the house of Makhalpara Mahallal Das

16) Kali temple of Hernabar Vardhan Bhawan

17) Karini temple of Harinbad Ross Raj Das House

In the wake of this incident, in the Madhabpur upazila of Habiganj district and similar attacks on 31 October, 2016, the temple destroyed temple

18) Montala Geetatali Ashram

19) Bulla Iskan Temple

20) Andyora Temple

21) Kali Mandir of Madhabpur Bazar

The above temples are attacked and looted.

The details of the house-house damaged in the attack are as follows:

1) All the houses in Harinbadar are damaged.

2) All the homes of Nasirnagar Sadar and Hindalambhas were damaged


In all, nearly 104 homes were demolished.

November 4: Thakurgaon Sadar Upazila Nargon Pokaty of the temple of the temple of Kali temple vandalized and set fire to the Durga temple. This incident happened on Friday night.

November 4: After the attack on temples and Hindus in Nasirnagar in Brahmanbaria, 6 families fear terror in India.

November 4: Mirzapur Government Primary School teacher in Pabna arrested for allegedly posting a comment on Hindu religion on Facebook. Jahurul Islam Bulbul has left the police.

November 4: The miscreants attacked a public Kali temple in Dharmatla, Jessore city. At least four idols were damaged in the attack.

November 4: A series of attacks and arson attacks in Nasrinagar of Brahmanbaria has again happened. The incident happened on Thursday night.

November 4: Four idols including the goddess Kali of the temple adjacent to the central Shamshnghat on the bank of Ichhamati river of Dhunate of Bogra have been broken.

November 4: Fisheries and Livestock Minister Mohammad Nasirnagar attacked the miscreants in Brahmanbaria. Sayedul Haque said that Hindus are children of Malone.

November 3: A rogue has been damaged by nine images, including Durga-Sarasvati, in central Harisava temple in Banaripara, Barisal.

November 3: The priest was reading the Gita at the universal Kali Mandir in Dharmatola area of ​​Jessore, the priest Dhanan Kumar Pal. Then some miscreants led by two named Shamim and Jasim tried to take away the Gita from the priest’s hand. When the priests stopped, they vandalized Radhakrishna, Lakshmi, Ganesha and Monsamurti in the temple.

November 3: Miscreants have vandalized four idols in Bogra.

November 3: There was an incident of vandalism in a family shrine at Boalmari in Faridpur.

November 3: Local administration, law and order and public representatives were inactive in the incident of vandalism in the homes and temples of Hindu community in Nasrinagar in Brahmanbaria.

November 2: Local Awami League leaders were fueled by the attack on the house of vandalism and the traditional religion of Nasirnagar in Brahmanbaria.

November 2: A temple attack and vandalism occurred in Gopalganj due to “protesting Hindu women and girls”, police said.

November 2: Savar: A 10-year-old Hindu child has been raped in Savar, Dhaka.

November 2: Three hundred and fifty thousand pieces of brass material, including brass idols weighing five and a half kilograms from the Lord’s monastery of Shetratoli Shri Sri Nitai Gaurang of Kaliakair upazila of Gazipur, have been stolen.

November 2: Binay Krishna Biswas, a school teacher in Chitalmari of Bagerhat, was beaten to death by a school teacher on Monday night.

November 1: A group of local terrorists occupy a house belonging to a Hindu family in Bagerhat. The Hindu families are: 75 year old Sadanand Mallo (Believing), 63 year old Arvana Biswas, Devar’s widow Sumanta Biswas (38) and Subrata Biswas (24).

Ethnic cleansing going on Bangladesh. Section 144 declared by Government at Langadu Rangamati area.

Thousands of Bengali illegal Muslim shelter brutally attacks religious minority Indeginous people at CHT Longadu area and killed six Indeginous people and set ablaze 200 more Indeginous house and looted their all valuables. Behind the all mayhem Bangladesh law enforcement some of corrupted officials Leutanant Cornell Abdul Alim chowdury, PSC Major Rafiq and OC Mominul Islam at Langadu have been systematically designed such as mahyem at Longadu area under Rangamati District. We kindly draw attention to International community UN, US Government, European Union, Japan,China, Myanmar and other parts of world taking immidate Intervention to survive the religious minority and indigenous people’s in Bangladesh.

31 October 2016 · Dhaka ·

Due to rumor of face book posting by Hindu boy several perpetrators equipped with deadly weapon belonging to Muslims attacked Hindu Temples, desecrated Hindu deities, looted belongings and rendered the minority inhabitants in a great distress at different places of Brahmanbaria and Hobigonj District on 30th and 31st of October 16.

Jago Hindu Bangladesh hurriedly communicated with S.P. Brahmanbaria and Hobigonj District over mobile phone and came to know that due to non-cooperation of some political leaders things aggravated within the villages and police tried to protect the deities and houses of Hindus but it was not possible on their part to normalize the situation. JHB receiving telephone calls from different parts of those districts and gave us to understand that their stay within their houses have become difficult and dangerous. However, Mr. Joydev Bhadra- Police Superintendent of Hobigonj District informed us that necessary steps would be taken and sufficient police, BGB,RAB have been deployed.

Jago Hindu Bangladesh is very much concerned about continuous attacks on Hindu Temples and their dwelling houses rendering their lives miserable.

JHB demands:

1) The perpetrators should be arrested soon and be punished as per law of the country.

1) A Committee consisting Judicial officers should be appointed to inquire into the matter with clean hands;

3) The demolished temples should be reconstructed and the deities should be restored to its original site.

4) The traumatized minority women and children should be given medical assistance to regain their mental health.

Report With Picture and reference by JHB:-


Two temple attacks in Madhabpur, vandalism

Representative of Madhabpur

Vandalism took place in the two temples at Habiganj’s Madhabpur Bazar. This incident happened on Sunday afternoon. During this time, attackers also attacked some Hindu homes.

It is known that a group called ‘Ahl al-Sunnatwala Jamat’ organized a protest rally in Madhabpur on Sunday on Sunday in protest against a Hindu youth of Haripur village in Nasirnagar upazila of Brahmanbaria district.

People from different parts of the surrounding area took part in the protest meeting organized at Upazila Chattar. During the protest meeting, some people who participated in the rally entered the Madhabpur market and also attacked two temples- Jhulan Mandir and Kali Mandir. They vandalized the statue of the hanging temple and vandalized the gates and furniture of the Kali temple. They also threw brickbats at some Hindu homes. RAB, police and BGB reached the spot and control the situation. At this time, the market traders stopped the shops for occurrence.

No -2

The demolished Temple situated at Kaligonj Upazila of Gazipur District today on 18th March,2017 at about 2 p.m. on the basis of appeal submitted by Hindu victim. We saw demolished “Durga Protima” we also found lord “Kartick” “Ganesh” “Laksmi” and Durga Devi demolished and desecrated. The incident took place on 20.01.17 at Durga Mandir at Kaligonj Upazila of Gazipur District.

The devotees went to lodge first information report (FIR) before the Officer in Charge of Kaligonj police station stating the situation two months ago but the police officer neglected to take cognizance as per law. We also met with the O.C. and A.S.P. Circle of the same district who also said ” Due to some contradictory information they could not entertain the F.I.R lodged by Subash Chandra Baral. We also interrogated many Hindu devotees who also gave us to understand that due to utter failure on the part of the police officers and also intervention of local Member of Parliament-Gazipur. We also found the police officer is trying to suppress the facts of desecration of Hindu deities. We also observed this incident took place due to previous enmity with local Muslims who tried to forcefully occupy the Temple Debottor property. JHB will continue to monitor this incident.

JHB is very much concerned about desecration of Hindu Deities by the perpetrators and also very much worried about not registering the case by police within Kaligonj Police station at Gazipur to bring the culprits to book. We also demand the police to arrest the perpetrators responsible for desecration of Hindu deities at Kaligonj within the Debottror property.


Vandalism of the goddess of Balikuchi in Sirajganj

Sirajganj correspondent

Deities ( Kali Protima ) destroyed and desecrated by perpetrators in two temples at Belkuchi Upazila of Serajgonj District on last Monday night (27th March,2017) ( Source : The Daily “Kalerkantha” dated 28th March,2017)

This unfortunate incident took place within the village of Joknala of Bhanglbari Union of the said Upazila.

The perpetrators unlawfully entered into the Temple, cut head of Kali Murthiof Baroari Kali Mandir and also cuthead of Sarwasati Deities of the private Temple of Hindu communities.

I, on behalf of JHB communicated with Md. Sajad Hossain, Officer in Charge of Belkuchi Police station over his mobile No.01713374046, he admitted the fact but no case has yet been registered for this crime.

I also communicated with S.P. Serajgonj District over his mobile number but he did not respond in spite of several phone calls.

Jago Hindu is very much concerned about demolition and also for desecration of Hindu Deities at Serajgonj and we demand the police should arrest the perpetrators responsible for crime against religion. The perpetrators should be brought to book as per law of the land. BDMW also demand the demolished deities be restored to its original place and condition to restore the sentiment of the Hindu communities.

Suppression of facts should not be encouraged.

No 4-

Perpetrators entered into the house of Shri Samiron Majumdar (42) at night on 23.03.2017 and chopped him to death by sharp weapon and his wife Ms.Sawpna Basu (28) was also attacked while she wanted to save her husband from brutal murder. Shri Samiron was the Government Hindu School teacher of West Baniary within Nazirpur Upazila of Perojpur District in Bangladesh.

Source : The Daily “Jugangtor” dated 24.03.17, the daily Samakal dated 24th March,17 & The daily Amader Shomoy dated 24.03.17.

I, along with T.K. Pandey, Rabindra Baral, Dilip Kumar Roy and local activists of Jago Hindu visited the spot on 26.04.2017, met with local witnesses, wife of deceased Samiron who was at the Hospital, met with Md. Habibur Rahman- Officer in charge of Nazirpur police station. We interrogated Md. Habibur Rahman – OC who admitted the fact but no accused person has yet been arrested till then. O.C. also said he is trying to find out the perpetrators to justice. I also contacted with S.P. Perojpur over mobile who did not respond nor he took any initiative for effective investigation of the case. I also collected copy of first information report (FIR) lodged by Ms.Sawpna Basu being Nazirpur P.S. Case No. 14 dated 24.03.2017 under section 457/323/326/307/302/34 of Penal code against no accused. But police totally failed to identify the perpetrators despite repeated requests. We also received reliable information that the perpetrators belonging to Muslim land grabbers committed this crime at night to wipe out minority communities within this area.

JHB is very much shocked at the incident of brutal murder of Shri Samiron Majumdar seriously assaulting his wife – Ms.Sawpna Basu within their house. We demand urgent arrest of perpetrators and be tried as per law. BDMW also demand an impartial inquiry team headed by a judicial officer to find out the real culprits to book. The police officers responsible for committing dilatory tactics should be brought to book for negligence of their responsibilities.


শাস্তি দাবী করছি।

JHB is very much concerned about this incident of attack on minority communities at Dashmina Upazila of Patuakhali District.

I, along with our HR team decided to visit the spot at Dashmina today and we will visit local administration people and will take evidences of such atrocities on minorities.

JHB also came to know that most of the perpetrators responsible for attack on 08.05.2017 got bail from the court yesterday. Mr. Md. Shahidul Islam, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Patuakhali became angry because we as HR defender inquired about the quick bail of the accused.

The Perpetrators are:

1) Abul Hossain Peda (32)

2) Barek Peda (40)

3) Shahidul Peda (28)

4) Saiful Peda(20)

5) Sawkawat Hossain (25)

6) Zahirul (20)

7) Feroz (28)

8) Sultan Peda (45)

9) Shamim Peda (27)

10) Hanif Peda (27)

11) Kamal Melkar (35)

12) Robiul (25)

13) Rubel (19)

14) Fazlu Mridha

Serial No.2 to 13 have been granted bail by Chief Judicial Magistrate on 14.05.2017.

A case No. 13 recorded by Dashmina police from Shri Ashim Kumar Das (Mobile No.01753203456) under section 143/447/323/354/379/506(2) of penal code is bailable and no such case punishing those perpetrators ( Non bailable )was recorded by police with malice and bad intention to keep those victims from getting proper justice. I, on behalf of BDMW talked with Md. Younus Ali, O.C. of this police station who did not answer satisfactory reply for not recording the case as per law.

The News of such torture has been published in different media including ” Daily Star”, The Protom Alo, Kalerkantha dated 12TH May,2016

JHB is very much concerned about brutal torture on minority Hindus at Dashmina Upazila of Patuakhali District. We demand the perpetrators be arrested soon taking new cognizance for abating crime against Humanity. We also demand an inquiry committee consisting one Judicial Officer to find out the truth, although the Chief Judicial Magistrate granted bail of the accused perpetrators. The victim should be given medical assistance and rehabilitation urgently.

No 6-

Hindu school girl (16) abducted for 29 days for Rape & trafficking. Police recovered the girl with the help of Jago hindu Dinajpur Chapter on 27.04.2017. The victim girl was kidnapped on 07.03.2017 at about 6 to 6-30 p.m. she was rescued from the house of perpetrators namely 1) Mohammad Al-Amin (25) son of Monu Mistry, 2) Mohammad Monu Mistry (49), 3) Mohammad Mokbul (29), 4) Mohammad Shimul (19) and she was kept confined for unlawful business and also for trafficking.

Sree Modan Sarkar (38) filed a written complain before Dinajpur Sadar police station for taking necessary steps to recover the girl as well for punishing the kidnappers as per law since after her abduction. But police did not record the case of the father and delayed and within this period the victim was gang-raped as per statements of her mother and father.


Police identified those perpetrators but they did not record the case but recovered the victim from the possession of those criminals.

Shree Modan Sarkar and his wife Ms. Bindhu Sarkar filed an appeal to our Office for giving them legal help and for punishment of police officers and the perpetrators who abated the crime against humanity not arresting the criminals to justice.

We member of jh along with Kamal Karmaker, Shymol Banarjee, T.K. Pandey, Joyanta Das, Dhanonjoy Mohanta,Jowtirmoy Banarjee and James Peter Talukdar of JHB visited the spot on 13.05.2017 spot and interrogated Hindu victim, mother and father who disclosed that their daughter did not get any justice from the police. But she was brutally tortured and traumatized and no medical help accorded.

We also met with the Additional Superintendent of Police(Admn) Dinajpur and apprised him the fate of this Minority school girl who have been rendered distressed without any tangible justice, but the Additional S.P. only said ” Police recovered the girl”

JHB is very much concerned about kidnapping, abduction and gang-rape of this Hindu school girl. We also demand the case should be recorded and the perpetrators responsible for abduction, gang-rape and sexual assault should be punished as per law. The women and children of minority communities should be protected.

No 7-

the perpetrators arrested for physically assaulting Adibashi couple (Ms. Putul Muddy & Deben Hashda) at Hilly Area within Dinajpur Border District. On Friday last 19th May,17 police arrested 1) Azizul Islam (40) son of Headar Ali Sarker@Edo and 2) Ms. Rehena Bewa (50) wife of Headar Ali Sarker in connection with Hakimpur P.S. Case Nio. 24 dated 143/448/323/325/326/307/364/427/506 Penal code lodged by Deben Hasdar. : Source : Bangla Tribune 19th May,2017

Date & Time of occurrence : 17th May,2017 at Noon.

Name of victims : Ms. Putul Muddy (45) 2) Deben Hasda (50)

Name of perpetrators : 1) Azizul Islam (40), 2) Ms. Rehena Bewa (50)

Permanent Home : Village Maddyabasudebpur of Hilly Area of Dinajpur District. Bangladesh.

What type of Minority : Indigenous minority.

What type of assault on the victims : Deben Hasda got injuries on his left hand and right leg due to attack. Ms.Putul Muddy received injuries on hands and legs.

As per our representative’s statements from Hilly  We contacted with Md. Abdur Sabur- Officer in Charge of Hakimpur Police station over his mobile and requested him to arrest the perpetrators for such attack on minority communities. Mr. Abdur Sabur , as per our request took initiative to arrest the perpetrators on the basis of information and FIR lodged before him. I also talked with Deben Hasda who also cried for justice and accordingly we took initiative to provide him security and protection of properties and lives. The Officer in Charge also said ” Police also providing security within their home and arranged protection. Police also said the perpetrator No.1 Azizul Islam is renowned as drug smuggler within the border area. And another case has also been registered against him and they have been sent to custody..

JAGO HINDU is concerned about attack on indigenous minority at Hill Area at Dinajpur. BDMW also expressed satisfaction on being arrested two perpetrators by police on request. The perpetrators should be brought to book as per law of the land.

No 8-

Liton Haldar(25) -Hindu Fish Trader succumbed to death by perpetrators on 20th May,2017 at about 8 Kachua Upazila of Bagerhat distric. His dead body was recovered from his fishery project by local police. Liton Haldar was the son of late Narayan Chandra Haldar ofvillage west Pipuljuri of Kachua Upazila.Three sign of injuries on his head detected by police. ( Source : The daily “Ittefaq” dated 21.05.2017)

We contacted with Md. Kabirul Islam-Officer in Charge of Kachua Police station.He gave me to understand that the perpetrators (assailants) fled away as soon as the crime committed. I also talked with Sub Inspector of Police – Md. Zillur Rahman who is entrusted with investigation of the case who said no perpetrators has yet been arrested soon after a case has been lodged by the wife of deceased Liton Haldar being Kachua P.S. case No.12 dated 20.05.2017 under section 302/34 of penal code against four perpetrators.The names of perpetrators will be ascertained after arresting those within short time.

Our correspondent reports that due to previosu enmity the victim was killed with motive.

JHB is very much shocked at the murder of Liton Haldar and we demand the perpetrators be arrested soon and be tried as per law of the land.

N0 9-

Rajbari 5 temple broken

Rajbari Police Super Salma Begum said that at least one night on Monday night, the incident of vandalism took place in Shiva and Kali Mandir at Charkacharanda village under the Chauvinakala union.

The temple is vandalized in the family shrine of Samar Shil, Montulal Shil, Parthabaran Das, Palan Karmakar and Ratan Komenkar of the village. He also took the idol of Shiva from Ratan Karmakar temple.

NO 10-

Bangladesh: 12 Hindu families evicted, women and children assaulted

MAy 17 2017

12 Hindu families belonging to the fishermen community were forcefully evicted and their houses were demolished in Bangladesh. The incident occurred on May 3rd, 2017 in Palanpara which falls in the Dhaperhat Union of Sadullahpur Upazila, Gaibandha District, Bangladesh.Even the Hindu worship place used by the families was destroyed and their belongings were set on fire. In this eviction, 8 women and children were grievously assaulted.

The perpetrators came under the leadership of Emdadul Hoque – Local Leader of “Sechashebok League” and forcefully evicted the Hindu families rendering them in distress..

To protest against this treatment these families held a Human Chain protest in front of Press Club of Gaibandha requesting for aid in getting back their homes. The Bangladesh newspaper Daily Ittefaq dated 4th May 2017 carried this news as well.

JHB said that it hurriedly communicated with Maruf Khaled- SP of Gaibandha, Md. Abdus Samad- D.C. Gaibandha and Md. Imrul Quies who is the Officer in Charge of Sadullahpur Police Station for ascertaining the truthfulness of the news published in the media.

But the organization noted that all that the administrative officers could offer was that “This eviction was made by judgment and was done by the order of the Court.”

However, the minority watchdog said, that nobody has uttered any word on the reason behind the involvement of Emdadul Hoque who is a political leader of Sechashebok League.

Did the court ask his services in the matter and trusted this man over the police and officials?Victims, on the other hand, are saying that no notice was served to them nor any information of such a judgment was delivered even to the local chairman! And how, when and why did the children got hurt? This too is a subject of inquiry.JHB said that when it communicated with Md.Rafiqul Islam Nowsha Mondal- local Chairman on this ‘lack of knowledge’ of the court order, he too said that no such notice was served to him by the official of the court to take possession of the lands of the Hindu fishermen community.It further said that the eviction order of the court was not even printed in the newspaper/media. While this is again a subject of investigation, for now, the Hindu families have failed to get themselves heard and will live under the sun, wind and the sky.


Brutal attack on 38 Hindus in Bangladesh by 75 fanatics !

Candidate of Awami League contesting from Arial village near Vijaynagar in Bangladesh, lost recent local election. He, with the help of 75 fanatics, brutally attacked 38 Hindus from this village with arms, on 7th May. Fanatics forcibly entered Hindus’ houses and looted money and ornaments etc., pushed children in fire as als o raped 2 Hindu women. Many Hindus have been seriously injured in the attack by fanatics and sustained loss of property of about Rs. 17 lakh.

No 12-

Fanatics attacked Hindu houses, desecrated religious places and looted wealth amounting to Taka 2,00,000/- at 9:30 am on 14th August 2015.

A 19 year old minor Hindu girl was physically & sexually assaulted by Mohidul Howladar (age – 30 years), Alamgir Chaprashi (age – 36 years), Kalu Howladar (age – 36 years), Naim Chaprashi (age – 18 years) and Moharram Chaprashi (age – 40 years) at Dhansagar, district Bagerhat. Another Hindu woman (aged 28 years) was also physically assaulted while she tried to save the minor girl.

The victim Hindu minor girl has lost her both parents and lives alone without any tangible assistance.

The minor Hindu girl had been attacked in a similar manner earlier, on 11th July 2015. However, the police refused to take action against the jihadis inspite of the G.D. dated 29.06.15 and FIR lodged on 08.08.2015 at Sawrankhola police station, Bagerhat District. This news was also published by the national dailies.

The Hindu minor girl had lodged two FIRs with the help of Jago hindu at Sawrankhola police station (one FIR was lodged on 08.08.15 and the other on 14.08.2015). However, Morelgonj Police Officer, Md. Rafiqul Islam had entertained a false police case on 20.08.2015 against the minor and 4 other Hindus without investigation or inquiry of any kind. The case was registered against the innocent minor Hindu victim and other 4 Hindus who had tried to save the minor.

The Hindu minor girl had approached JHB. jhb is now planning to visit the spot very soon for fact-finding. They have also made an appeal to help the Minor Hindu victim.

jhb is very much concerned about the repeated physical and sexual assaults on the destitute Hindu girl and they have demanded immediate arrest of the jihadis responsible for the crime. jhb is also very much concerned about the false criminal case instituted by Md. Mohidul Islam Howladar, and have demanded immediate withdrawal of the false case lodged against the victims.

No 13-

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ms.Rupali Rani (25) Hindu Woman gang-raped at Chandipur-Austagram Upazila of Kishoreganj District :

Jago hindu bd received an appeal from the husband of the Hindu woman requesting us for giving them legal assistance regarding gang rape of one Hindu woman residing at village -Chandipur within Austagram Upazila of Kishoregonnj Distrct.

A fact of the case is that the perpetrators all Muslims are land grabbers and the victim is a destitute worker for irrigation project of land holders. While Ms.Rupali Rani was returning back after her daily works at her home she was intercepted by below noted perpetrators. Md. Idu Meah and Md. Alamgir forcefully tear off wearing clothes of Ms.Rupali and Md.Soharab Meah started to rape her brutally one after another and they also shouted “rape and rape with pleasure”  Ms.Rupali cried loudly and some witnesses appeared and rescued her. Ms. Rupali tried to take medical treatment at Austagram Sadar Hospital but she was also intercepted by other co-accused and did not allow her to take medical treatment.


JHB immediately communicated with the Superintendent of Police, Kishoregonj yesterday and requested him for taking necessary steps for arresting the perpetrators responsible for the crime against humanity.  Police neglected to register the case on the date of occurrence, later it was recorded after 10 days of its incident of rape. The victim and her husband are now under tremendous pressure from the perpetrators for withdraw the case.  No perpetrators have yet been arrested till writing of this report.

  1. Name of the victim: Ms. Rupali Rani Das (25)
  2. Name of the Husband: Gurupada Das (30)
  3. Permanent resident of the victim: Village: Chandipur, P.s. Austagram, District-Kishoreganj.
  4. Date of event: 05.01.2011 at about 05.00 hours.
  5. Religion of the victim : Hindu
  6. Names of the perpetrators: 1) Mohammad Paresh Meah (35) son of late Ekujoma

2) Md. Badal Meah (30) son of Menu Meah

3) Mohammad Soharab Meah (32) son of late Sabud Ali

4) Mohammad Idu Meah (30) son of Alta Meah

5) Mohammad Alamgir (26) son of Annu Meah

6) Mohammad Dulal Meah (38) son of Nabu Meah

7) Md. Annowar Meah (40) son of Khurshid Bhuiya

8) Md.Tariqul Meah (28) son of late Azam Ali  : All of village : Palapara, P.S. Austagram,Kishoreganj.

Witness of the event: 1) Ms. Rupali Rani Das ( raped victim )

2) Mr. Gurup pada Das husband of victim

3) Ms. Putul Rani Das wife of Berendra Das

4) Mr. Ratan Chandra Das son of late Surjya Kanta Das

5) Mr.Gouri Kanta Das son of Sumanta Das

Place of event: Bilbally Howar, near the land hole of Kamal Meah.

No 14-

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ratan Saha (28) a minority Hindu abducted on 20.12.2010 from his house at Siddirgonj. Police could not recover the victim : Police also neglected to register case on the date of occurrence:

Mr. Jatindra Saha – a Hindu business man staying at 41/1 Panir Kal Sarak –Siddirganj P.S., Narayanganj filed an appeal to BDMW and GHRD praying for recovery of his abducted son Ratan Chandra Saha (28) along with an amount of money Taka 7,75,000.00.

The allegation made by Mr. Jatindra Saha discloses that there was an agreement between Jatindra Saha and abductor – Mohammad Mustafa to hire his Dyeing institution to Jatindra for an amount of Taka 7,00,000/-. Jatindra paid initial amount of Taka 3, 00,000/- to Mohammad Mustafa on 03.11.2010 as per agreement and took receipt thereof. But Mustafa sent his employee- Md. Jasim at the house of Jatindra on 20.12.2010 at about 4.00 p.m.for procuring further amount of Taka 4, 00,000/- with a request to accompany his son Ratan Saha.

Jatindra sent his son Ratan Saha (28) to deposit the remaining amount of Taka 4, 00,000/- and Ratan Saha confirmed his father over phone that remaining Taka 4,00,000/- have already  been deposited on 20.12.2010, but Md. Mustafa did not confirm about the previous amount deposited earlier to him on 03.11.2010. And there was a quarrel between Ratan and Musstafa and thereafter cell telephone of Ratan became switched off and there is no trace of Ratan Saha since 20.12.2010.

Jatindra Saha with grief went to lodge first information report (FIR) at Siddirganj police station on 22.12.2010 but the officer in charge of Siddirgonnj P.S. refused to take any case of Jatindra as question of jurisdiction to file the case came up for determination. The officer in charge of Siddirgonj police station sent Jatindra to file case within the jurisdiction of Demra police station, but the officer in charge of Demra police station also refused to take case as the jurisdiction to file the case was within Siddirgonj Police station as the place of occurrence was within Siddirgonj. Because the O.C refused to entertain case Jatindra sent a copy of FIR to Officer in charge –Siddirgonj police station by registered post on 03.01.2010 but the O.C. refused to acknowledge taking cognizance of the case.

As per appeal filed by Jatindra Saha I along with Ms.Jhumur Gangully went to Siddirgonj police station to ascertain the jurisdiction where the case to be filed, we talked with O.C. Siddirgonj P.S., we also visited the place of occurrence where from the victim went to deposit money to Md. Mustafa. Most of the Muslim inhabitants confirmed us that due to police negligence the victim have not yet been recovered. We requested Mr. S.M. Ruhul Alam, O.C. Siddirganj to take case as the jurisdiction was not within Demra police station it is absolutely within the jurisdiction of Siddirganj Police station. I have also immediately communicated with the Mr.Khandakar –Inspector General of Police, Dhaka who directed S.P. Narayanganj to take cognizance as per law.

Accordingly a case No.10 dated 10.1.2011 under section 406/420/365 of Bangladesh penal code has been recorded at Siddirgonj police station.

But it is unfortunate that police did neither recover the victim; rather intimidating the father and mother of the victim not to cry for the abducted son in the Police station.

Mr.S.M. Ruhul Alam, O.C. was also intimidating the Human rights activist not to proceed with the investigation as per his opinion HR activist has got no power to investigate the matter over his cell telephone number: 01713373348.

JHB is concerned about the abduction of Ratan Saha (28) who was abducted by Md.Mustafa, with the collusion of Md. Momen, Md. Jasim and his employee Shankar Dutta on 20.12.2010 for money. The members of his family apprehend that their son has either been killed or abducted for ransom.

No 15-

Hindu temple vandalized by ruling party men in Bangladesh.

Thursday, December 23, 2016

A group of ruling party activists of Dhaka University wing vandalized several deities at Ramna Kali Mandir [Temple of goddess Kali in Dhaka] following confrontation between activists of the same party on question of collecting extortion from the locality.

Right after the incident, police arrested Animesh, Govinda and Prakash, who are members of Bangladesh Chhatra League [student from of the ruling party] from the spot while they were continuing such notoriety.

Police sources told reporters that the clash had erupted over ownership and extortion into shops located in the area.

According to eye witnesses, during afternoon of Saturday [October 30, 2010], at least 45-50 activists of the ruling Bangladesh Awami League [BAL]’s student front, led by Utpal Saha, armed with machetes, iron rods, cricket stumps and hockey sticks went on the rampage and vandalized at least two deities inside the temple and ransacked the rooms of the priest.

It may be mentioned here that, since Bangladesh Awami League came in power in January 2009, members of its student wing are seen active in violence in almost all the university campuses in the country. Bangladesh Chhatra League is openly involving in extortion, terrorism, grabbing land and properties and various forms of illegal activities and the government has virtually become captive in their hands.

N0  16-

Hare Krishna ISKCON Hindu temple attacked! Shocking VIDEO!

2nd September, 2016/ Sylhet: Sylhet’s local Harekrishna ISKCON temple today witnessed an obnoxious attack from local Islamists who attacked the temple by pelting broken bricks stones and certain other objectionable items today during the afternoon prayers. The attackers, who launched the assault on the excuse that the local rituals were causing disturbance to their peaceful Friday Jumma prayers were in mood of a much bigger devastation, which however got nullified due to an early intervention by the police this time. The main gate, which was closed- also became a crucial reason in avoiding the same. The incident took place at Kajal Shah area of the city.

As per a statement from police – the initial call to create this nuisance was first made by the local Imam of the Mussalis through an addressal using the mike of the mosque, where, the muslims were asked to assemble and march towards the temple for it was creating a hindrance in their path of “getting blessings from Almighty.” Around 15 people have been arrested in connection with the same.

Temple’s youth coordinator Devarshi Srivas narrated that today a sit and draw competition for the children was organized which was accompanied by the customary Hare Krishna mantra chanting. The electronic mikes were not in use which kept the sound quite mild and confined within the temple premises. However at the mosque the Azaan and the Imam’s clarion were made using electronic microphone that makes the thing transparent enough that the mantra chanting was just an excuse used by the Islamists to exercise the nefarious intention of attacking the temple, which the miscreants wanted to project in a different way as to garner the sympathy of the local muslims triggering their religious sentiments.

Local witnesses revealed that a group of over enthusiastic mussalis started pelting bricks and stones at the temple all of a sudden which made them sense some trouble to be going on over here. They came out only to find that an unruly mob, by that time already had injured certain worshippers including former lady councillor. Among those injured are Fmr Councillor Mrs. Jebunahar Shireen(58), locals namely Saju Akhtar, Babul Ahmed, Sayyid, Arif, Suman and devotee Rajendra Das.

Sylhet Metropolitan Police’s Deputy Commissioner Faisal Mahmud, in a statement said, that, before the attack could take a greater form- an early arrival and intervention by the Police disarmed the attacking Mussalis and brought the situation under control. The fortunate thing was that the temple gates were closed, that arrested the miscreant’s trespassing to a good extent and evade a bigger assault thereby. Situation is currently under control. Police used rubber bullets to drive away the goons.

video link:




Hindus face anti-Idolatry campaign in Bangladesh

When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent (become Muslim) and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful. – Quran 9:5

GOD does not forgive idolatry, but He forgives lesser offenses for whomever He wills. Anyone who sets up idols beside GOD, has forged a horrendous offense. – Quran 4:48

There is a saying that is popular in the West, and only because it better applies to our own holocausts, that “where they burn books they will burn people”, and maybe this saying is true.  However, for Hindus, especially those living in the Islamic State of Bangladesh, the more appropriate and visceral call to defense is “where they break idols, they will try to break Hindus”.

Islam is very subtly woven in the Bangladeshi Constitution, as the document does claim that Bangladesh is a “secular democracy”, however, the Constitution also states that Islam is the state religion, it references both “Allah” and the “Koran”, and it is the state’s objective to: “consolidate, preserve and strengthen fraternal relations among Muslim countries based on Islamic solidarity.”  So when Bangladeshi politicians say Bangladesh is “secular”, this is what they mean.

Those who have been following JFH know that Bangladeshi Hindus of course have a long and bloody history of continuous pogroms under Muslim rule.  Less than 1000 years ago, Bangladeshi was a majority Hindu, tribal, Vedic and otherwise native land, however, as did happen in all of Northern India, Islamic Invasions from West Asia and the establishment of a tyrannical Islamic theocracy over Northern India wiped out or converted the majority of Bangladeshi Hindus.

By the time of partition in 1947, Bangladeshi Hindus made up approximately 30% of the Bangladeshi population, today they make up less than 9%.  From targeted genocides, to the kidnapping of Hindu girls, the expulsions and land grabs, the Radical Muslims of Bangladesh have been systematically cleansing the Hindus of Bangladesh for the past 70 years.  It is estimated that in this time, 49 million Hindus have gone “missing” from Bangladesh.


Every year, hundreds of Hindu homes, temples, shops and schools are burned, looted, and destroyed by Muslim mobs.  However, there is of course another sort of crime that is very specific, the destruction of Hindu “idols”.  Hindus more usually call their idols “murtis” as they know “idol” caries negative connotations.  However, the meaning is the same, it is a representation of a “god” or energy which is believed to hold some sort of field force which emanates the power of the idea to which the idol is associated.

While murtis and idols are not a necessary prescription in Hinduism (the Vedas have no idols), they have become ubiquitous and synonymous with Hinduism in the modern age. Idolatry, is of course however, violently prohibited in Islam, the Koran calls for Muslims to mass murder idolaters until they convert to Islam and idolatry is described as the worst sin a person can commit. As one can guess, the purposeful destruction of idols is very common in Bangladesh.

On Sunday night, 17 Sept 2017, a group of Muslim men entered a Hindu temple which had been the site of intensive worship over the past few days, and vandalized three idols including the goddess Durga who was the focus of the temple’s devotion at this time. The local Hindu community has not been made to feel safe or protected by the local authorities and have been frightened to continue with their worship. The Durga Temple was located in Shajalpur Traditional Para 7 Ward of Birganj City under Dinajpur District. The Birgani Police Station has not responded to community phone calls.


This is certainly not the first attack on Hindu idols in Bangladesh in some time, and there is enough violence in BD for Hindus to understand that this is not the worst that could happen to them, however, Islamic Iconoclasm strikes deeper into the heart of the community than does even physical violence.  When Muslim mobs enter a temple, and only destroy the idol and nothing else, they are speaking most profoundly to Hindus of their absolute hatred.

When one reads the anthologies of the Muslim rulers of Bangladesh and India, they speak constantly of their hatred for the “idolaters” and their willingness to slaughter them in the millions for Allah.  Idolatry is the one thing the Koran admits Muslims must hate the most, the greatest sin on which they are to unleash the greatest carnage.  When Muslims destroy idols, Hindus are reminded of the darkest ignorance and rage that Islam has to unleash. When people burn books, pay attention, when people smash idols, think of the Hindus of Bangladesh please.

Book Review: An Era of Darkness by Dr Shashi Tharoor

An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India, is a fantastic new book by Dr Shashi Tharoor that outlines the destructive presence of the British in India from the 17th Century until India gained her independence in 1947. It has long been understood that England had brought infrastructure, social reform, democracy and the rule of law to a continent, which in their opinion, was otherwise ravaged by wars, disease, civil distress and famine.

Prior to the publication of this book, Dr Tharoor had provide a fantastic and at times humorous account at the Oxford Union Debate of just how malevolent the British presence was in India upon which, this particular segment went viral over the internet. Subsequent to the debate, Dr Tharoor was inspired to write a detailed account of British rule in India, premised on the fact that many of the current generation of Indians were genuinely unaware Britain’s past atrocities.

Dr Tharoor has successfully provided a clear cut and concise overview on the humble beginnings of the East Indian Company and how through deceit, treachery, bribery and corruption, were able to establish a reign of terror over the regions of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. The first chapter sets out to provide the reader with an overview of how the wealth was drained from these regions followed by the deindustrialisation and destruction of the ship building, steel and textile industries. Subsequent chapters aim to discuss and effectively refute the notions that British established political unity, democracy and the free press.

In addition, much information is provided on the concept of divide and rule that precipitated into dissention between people of different so called castes, religions and race which continue to haunt the Indian subcontinent to this day. For those seeking to gain a true perspective on the real history of British rule in India will certainly not be disappointed. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover and highly recommend it to those seeking to gain a true perspective on the presence of the British in India and for Indians and people of Indian origin to develop a sense of self respect.

Best Wishes,



NYC Bengali Hindus protest new violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

Fresh anti-Hindu violence has erupted in Bangladesh, this only a week after 15 Hindu Temples and 100’s of Hindu homes were set on fire by Islamic radicals. This week two more temples have been set ablaze along with several Hindu dwellings, causing Hindu families to flee their residences. The pogroms were sparked by a supposed facebook post which was described as being offensive to Islam.


Despite often touting itself as a “secular democracy”, the state religion of Bangladesh is Islam and until relatively recently it was state policy to seize Hindu lands under a series of “Enemy Property Acts”, a policy which has only been partially rectified. Additionally, in the past year Bangladesh has become a growing haven for ISIS which has claimed responsibility for several terror attacks against non-Muslims within the nation.


Due to the ongoing and prolonged violence against non-Muslims, many Bengali Hindus have immigrated to the United States, particularly to NYC. In light of the fact that their family members live under such difficult circumstances, the Bengali Hindus are known for being particularly vocal, bringing their grievances to the streets with large demonstrations.


This week dozens of Bengali Hindu organizations, headed by the Hindu Council of North America, demonstrated in Jackson Heights, Queens to bring attention to the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh. The demonstrations coincide with the launch of a video and petition campaign put out by Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, calling for the protection of Hindus and other non-Muslims within Bangladesh.

Seven houses of Hindus torched by Islamists is Bangladesh

Reported by The Daily Star

The post-electoral violence against the Hindus shows no sign of abating as seven homes of the community in Chittagong were torched and four idols of a temple were desecrated in Netrokona yesterday.

The barbaric arson attack on the Hindu properties at Muhuripara village in Satkania of Chittagong was carried out by miscreants after it came to light that a Hindu day labourer had voted on January 5.

“We saw a cautionary message written on the wall of a local shop that reads if any Hindu member goes for voting, all the houses of the community will be torched,” voter Haradhan told our district correspondent.

He added: “I was the lone member in the community who had gone only to see the polling centre. Then the local union parishad member persuaded me to cast my vote and I did.”

The attack started by setting fire to the house of Haradhan around 2:50am. It soon spread to six other houses of Haradhan’s neighbours before locals doused the flames.

Pinki Das, a housewife of the village, said, “We were asleep when criminals set Haradhan’s house on fire. All of a sudden, my husband’s cell phone started ringing.

“After receiving the call, I found no one was responding from the other end. At that time, I also heard a lot of noise coming from outside.”
Sensing that something went wrong, she came out of her house and found that her neighbours’ homes were burning by the raging blaze.

However, Pinki’s house was saved as the locals managed to douse the flames soon. Fire fighters reached the spot at 4:30am only to see the blaze was contained.

Shahadat Hossain, station officer of Satkania Fire Service Station, said the fire damaged the property worth Tk 4 lakh.
Shariful Islam, upazila nirbahi officer of Satkania, said none of the houses of Hindus was attacked in Satkania soon after the election.
Yesterday’s incident required investigation to ascertain whether it happened as post-election consequences, he added.

Different organisations staged protests in Chittagong city yesterday, protesting the attack on Hindus in Satkania.
In Netrokona, four idols of Harulia Kali Mandir in Barhatta upazila were damaged by miscreants in the wee hours of yesterday morning.
President of the temple committee Pronab Chandra Ghosh told our district correspondent that the idols were newly built and kept on the temple premises to dry them up.

“Four masked criminals entered the temple premises after midnight and desecrated the idols in front of me and ran away,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Hindus of Gopalpur village in Thakurgaon had urged the government to reach a permanent solution regarding security threats on their lives.

Niranjan Barman, a local fisherman, told our district correspondent that he was assessing the long term practicability of continuing his livelihood in the village.

“Now we are getting media attention, we have adequate security. What will happen when the spotlight will die down,” he questioned.
However, the Hindus of Malopara village in Abhaynagar of Jessore were making efforts to lead a normal life, forgetting the horror of attack on their properties, our district correspondent reported.

The village, which was without power earlier, had been brought under the network of power grid to ensure security of locals.
Dirt paths were also being covered with tarmac to diminish remoteness of the Hindu village.

Meanwhile, civil rights activists began a long march towards Malopara from Madaripur yesterday morning, protesting the recent attack on Hindus.

Published: 12:00 am Saturday, January 18, 2014

Last modified: 9:24 pm Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hindu Minorities attacked in 4 districts of Bangladesh

Reported by The Daily Ittefaq 

Ittefaq Report

Jamaat-Shibir cadres launched despicable attacks on Hindu communities in four districts the day after the 10th parliamentary elections. Hundreds of houses of the minority community were torched and looted since Sunday night in Dinjapur, Jessore, Satkhira and Thakurgaon. A large number of Hindus took shelter in the temples, while others have fled to other villages. They are too scared to return even after assurances from local administration.

Dinajpur: Jamaat-Shibir cadres torched at least 150 houses in Hindu communities in Kornai village since Sunday night. At least 350 houses and 50 shops of five villages including Pritampara, Sahapara, Profullahpara, Telipara, Madhabpara and Ajaypara.  Residents of at least eight unions in different upazilas of the district are the worst sufferers of the violence. 20-25 Hindu families from affected remote villages had left their homes and taken refuge in nearby towns. To handle the situation, law enforcement agencies have launched a joint drive in the district from Monday to restore law and order. However, this has not proved to be enough to remove the security concern among the minority people.

Jessore: Miscreants vandalised at least 46 Hindu houses and establishments and torched 6 more on Sunday night. They accused the victims of voting for Awami League. About 200 residents of Malopara took shelter at Deyapara village across the river Bhairab following the attack.  Jessore Police Super Jaydev Kumar Bhadra inspected the villages. In instant response, Avaynagar administration distributed 200 blankets among the victims. There have been allegations that police, ruling Awami league leaders and the administration didn’t promptly respond to their calls of help. Police arrived much later after the carnage was complete.

Thakurgaon: Led by Jamaat, opposition men yesterday unleashed fierce post-election violence upon the religious minorities in Thakurgaon. The marauding Jamaat-Shibir and BNP activists clashed with law enforcers and ruling party men, attacked election officials and went on a rampage. They damaged and looted 65 houses and 30 shops and set afire paddies stored at courtyards in several homes. Locals in two villages in Thakurgaon Sadar upazila alleged that Jamaat-BNP men, brandishing lethal weapons, roamed through their areas and threatened to kill them for casting votes.

Satkhira: After a clash between Awami League and BNP supporters, Jamaat-BNP men with sharp weapons, sticks and iron rods attacked the Hindus and others Awami League supporters. Several hundred Hindus and ruling Awami League leaders of Satkhira have been fleeing their homes over the last few days in the wake of massive violence unleashed by Jamaat-Shibir men in the district. Satkhira Superintendent of Police Chowdhury Manjurul Kabir said the situation would improve as the election hype dies down.

BNP, Jamaat attack Hindu village in Jessore

Reported By The Daily Star 

BNP, Jamaat attack Hindu village in JessoreBNP-Jamaat activists vandalised and looted 130 houses and torched 10 others at a Hindu village in Abhaynagar upazila of Jessore tonight hours after the end of voting in 10th parliamentary polls.

The mayhem started as two men — Biswanath Sarkar and Shyamol Sarkar — of Chapatola Malopara village, went to the Chapatola Aliya Madrasa polling centre earlier on the day, ignoring the opposition’s embargo, reports our Jessore correspondent quoting Emdad Hossain, officer-in-charge of Abhaynagar Police Station.

More than 200 activists of BNP and Jamaat, led by local opposition leader Ariful Aksu and Kashem Ali, entered the village around 6:00pm blasting 15 crude bombs and injured Biswanath and Shyamol, the police official added.

The appalled villagers swam across the adjacent Bhairab river and took shelter on the other side at Diyapara village to escape the brutal attack, the OC said.

Agitated activists then vandalised and looted at least 130 houses and set fire on 10 others, he said.

On information, the joint forces rushed to the spot around 9:00pm and brought the situation under control, the OC added.

The joint forces have started a drive to find the miscreants who were involved in the atrocity.

Jamaat-e-Islami calls for strike in protest of Abdul Quader Mollah’s execution, swears revenge from Awami League

Reported By India Today

Bangladesh’s Jamaat-e-Islami party has called for a nationwide dawn-to-dusk general strike on Sunday in protest of the execution of its leader Abdul Quader Mollah.

The announcement to observe the general strike, a day before Bangladesh celebrates the Victory Day, Dec 16, was made minutes after Mollah, the party’s assistant secretary general, was hanged on Thursday night, reported.

“The government has killed Mollah in a planned way ignoring calls from international community and the people of Bangladesh,” acting head of Jamaat Maqbul Hossain said in a statement on party’s website.

Earlier in the day, after the Supreme Court rejected Mollah’s petition to review his death sentence, the party in another statement had said: “Awami League will have to pay for each drop of Abdul Quader Mollah’s blood.”

He had refused to seek presidential clemency following the Supreme Court’s rejection of a review petition of his death sentence on Thursday.

Mollah, who was hanged at 10.01 p.m., was the first person convicted for crimes against humanity committed during the 1971 war of independence to walk to the gallows after being sentenced to death. His hanging came three days before the country celebrates the 42nd Victory Day, which commemorates Bangladesh’s triumph in the nine-month bloody war against the Pakistani occupation forces in 1971.

He was buried at his ancestral home in Faridpur’s Sadar Upazila at the family graveyard at Amirabad village around 4.20 a.m. on Friday after funeral prayers, said district magistrate Mohd. Mamun Shiblee, who supervised the burial.

Another Hindu village comes under Jamaat-Shibir attack

Reported By Dhaka Tribune 


The vandals beat 12 women as the males fled the scene sensing the attack. They did not spare even the children during the attack

  • 5 shops and 2 houses of minority Hindu community people were vandalised and looted by Jamaat- Shibir men on Thursday
    Photo- Dhaka Tribune

At least five shops and two houses of minority Hindu community people were vandalised and looted by Jamaat- Shibir men on Thursday, the last day of the opposition-sponsored 71-hour countrywide rail-road-waterways blockade.

Patgram Upazila Chhatra Shibir leaders Rana Islam reportedly led the attack on the Hindu people of Ghoshpara village under Patgram upazila around 9:30am.The spot is 5km off the upazila headquarters.

Another Hindu-populated village Shafinagar under the same upazila is just 3km away from Ghoshpara also came under attack by BNP and Jamaat-Shibir men on October 27, the first day of the opposition-called 48-hour shutdown.

The vandals beat 12 women as the males fled the scene sensing the attack. They did not spare even the children during the attack.

Upazila administration and police rushed to the spot after three hours around 12:30pm, said locals.

Police arrested local Union Parishad Member and former Patgram upazila unit president of Chhatra Shibir Nazrul Islam on charge of aiding and abetting Rana Islam, said Patgram Police Station OC Sohrab Hossain.

About 200 to 250 Jamaat-Shibir activists and supporters led by Shibir leader Rana Islam brought out a procession in the area and they immediately swooped on Hindus’ shops and houses in the village, police said.

The Jamaat-Shibir men assaulted Devi Rani Ghosh, Anjoli Ghosh, Shilpi Rani Ghosh, Charu Bala Ghosh, Sandhya Rani Ghosh, Namita Rani Ghosh and others in the village, police added.

Villagers said the attackers damaged their properties worth about Tk20 lakh.

A number of aggrieved villagers alleged that some local Awami League men too incited Jamaat-Shibir men to the violence.

Patgram Upazila Parishad Chairman Ruhul Amin Babul said the area is the safe den of Jamaat- Shibir men. Taking the advantage of countrywide blockade programme they attacked the Hindus who are innocent and do not belong to any political party.

“They did so to create panic in the area and use that to their advantage.” Patgram Upazila Nirbahi Officer Rafiqul Haque confirmed the communal attack saying that administration would do everything possible to protect the minority community there.

OC Sohrab Hossain said Shibir leader Rana Islam is a most wanted criminal and police has conducted several drives to arrest him.

Lalmonirhat Deputy Commissioner Habibur Rahman said he asked the UNO and OC to tackle the situation and arrest the criminals. He will visit the spot and exchange views with Hindu people, he said.

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