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Justice for Hindus, Non-Profit, was formed in 2013 by a group of students and activists living in New York City who were called to take action against the brutality suffered by the Hindu people at the hands of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi governments, as well as Hindus being antagonized by similar elements within the nation of India and abroad. Since then our mission has broadened to include working for all Hindus internationally. We support and advocate for the following objectives:

  • Presenting the current injustices being enacted upon Hindus internationally.
  • Informing the public of the history of invasion, imperialism, colonialism and anti-indigenism¬† in South Asia and identifying their underlying ideological and political basis
  • Advocating for legal, social and political Justice for Hindus living in their native lands of the Indian subcontinent and beyond

Justice for Hindus denounces violence and aims to achieve its objectives using peaceful means; such as petitioning governments, education and demonstrations. We are not affiliated with any political party or religious ideology and welcome all like-minded people to join with us in working towards Justice for Hindus.


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